Management Article Review Paper on Project Management

Project Management

Skills of a project manager

A project manager is a person whose work is to oversee the entire running of the project. Manager needs skills to enable him carry out the functions. First, he should be the team manager. He should be able to put project team together (Meridith J R & Mantel S J, 2012). As from the passage, Carl Conway first had to put the project team together. Second skill is budgeting; this enables the plan for the project. He has to lay down all the requirements that the project needs to see it go through the entire process successfully. Third skill is recruitment of new employees. From the passage, Conway had to recruit other employees, which include an industrial engineer, a production planner, and an equipment buyer. He does this with the aim to enable the smooth running of the project. He ensures that all the works that are carried out are done professionally to give a presentable output. Fourth skill is risk management. This factor can lead to crumbling of the project (Meridith J R & Mantel S J, 2012). Therefore, the manager should be able to identify them and see into how they do not occur. Carl identifies the risk of pilot run of products made with metric measurements for shipment to Mexico and decides to abandon the idea. Fifth skill is negotiation. The manager should have the power of negotiation for the betterment of the project. As from the passage, Carl negotiates with another company to get the best workers who could help well in running the project.

Project champion

Project champion is the way of leading a project. Championing a project include making decisions when necessary for the project to enable it proceed well. The manger is the one who makes these decisions for example, to change a worker or recruit new ones. Another thing is to take strategic decisions particularly that will not lead to crumbling of the project or that will lead to the growth of the project (Meridith J R & Mantel S J, 2012). Project championing also include taking tasks such as consulting with other people for the best of the project and selecting technical team that helps in running of the project.






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