Management Capstone Project Paper on Time Management as a Practical Skill

Time Management as a Practical Skill

The important aspects of this skill that I will need to apply are the maintenance of a calendar, proper choice of projects and tasks, setting of priorities and the engagement of small tasks that are productive. These will be important when conducting my research project. This requires that I do extensive research and write down my final paper on the findings. The other people who will be involved are my lecturers, course mates and the participants in the actual research study. The project is expected to be conducted towards the end of my course work. This will take place both in the classroom setup where classroom materials will be used as well as in the relevant field where the actual research project will take place.

The most important behavior to practice using this skill is the ability to make decisions, principality, focus and concentration. The main idea about management does not emphasize on time but on the decisions to be made. It will require that time is spent wisely every day. At times it will be necessary to keep a schedule and use organizational tools in an effective way. Successful performance will be achieved by attaining the placed goals in good time. An effective performance will result in the desired results within the budget laid down initially. The indicator that the final project is performed competently is the accomplishment of most plans with an experience of minimal challenges.


After the implementation, I was able to follow my plan to write up a good project on a particular topic. It was extremely successful since all the outlined steps were followed. Most of the people I worked with were impressed by the results, which were presented within the recommended time.

Next time, I will have to put into consideration the need to keep a notebook and avoid interruptions to eliminate jams. This will help in the smooth accomplishment of tasks once the project begins.

Looking back at the skill practice, I have learned that time is of great essence to any project and that following a schedule to the letter helps to avoid stress and maintain orderliness, which leads to success.