Management Papers on Importance of Managing Diversity and Managing Career challenge

Importance of Managing Diversity and Managing Career challenge

Besides the investors and shareholders, companies are socially responsible to other stakeholders including its employees and the society. Today, companies should focus their efforts to environmental protection and relationship with employees because they are the biggest social responsibility issues (Davila & Crowther, 2011). Employees’ growth is crucial to the success of a company since it can grow only when employees are willing to become innovative to improve the situation. Companies should establish basic policies in respect to rights of employees. Unless companies motivate employees to try new things by building workplace for their diverse workforce, growth and expansion cannot be achieved. Addressing the needs of employees encourages them to work hard towards the achievement of organizational goals and objectives (Davila & Crowther, 2011). Casino and Apple companies are leading in addressing the concerns of employees to effectively manage diversity and increase productivity.

Environmental protection is the foundation of a company’s corporate philosophy. Environmental conservation is crucial to reduce wastage or raw materials and save on energy consumption. Companies that focus their energies on conserving environment in which they operate are guaranteed of sustainability (Laszlo, 2003). Taking care of the environment demonstrates to the general public that the company cares for its consumers and the general public at large. As a result such companies are viewed positively by the society thus building reputation. There are concerns that the developed countries are moving their polluting industries to other regions in the world which are not strict on social and environmental standards. For instance a study conducted recently in China indicated that approximately 40% of pollutants of river Delta originated from North America and Europe (Laszlo, 2003).

Addressing environmental protection and the well-being of employees guarantees companies numerous strategic benefits. Addressing environmental issues and the well-being of employees is a source of competitive advantages. The reputation of the company is enhanced as consumers highly regard the company. It increases company productivity and its relationship with other stakeholders (Davila & Crowther, 2011). Further, the company gains publicity since social responsibility initiatives come into limelight.


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