Marketing Coursework Paper on TV Advertising vs. Online Advertising

TV Advertising vs. Online Advertising

I do not agree with the statement that TV advertising has faded. This is because television has become a very strong media of advertising with international media. It is used by various governments, businesses, and services. Additionally, television can reach a large number of audiences.

Advertising online is advantageous because one can be able to reach both local and international customers (Currie 1). It also makes communication to be very easy for instance, one can advertise a product online at a free cost as compared with Television advertising where one is required to pay some amount of money. One of the disadvantages is that web banners can interrupt the users of the internet ( 1). For instance, agencies can flood websites with banners make it difficult for other people to use it.

A celebrity endorser can enhance brand equity, it can also add another dimension for a brand, and helps in the recognition of the brand. Its disadvantages include: consumers attach less reliability to celebrities who endorse various commodities, and the effectiveness of the endorser may be reduced if the relationship between the endorser and the product does not fit (Martin 1). A company may use a non-human character in a situation where it wants to save expenses. I plan to use the eight elements of communication mix to advertise my products. I will choose the cost effective and a reliable element that will enable me to achieve my objective of creating awareness of the product and improving sales. It is to a large extent that I plan to use these methods because they help me in creating brand awareness. I have set an overall marketing communications budget and I used the objective and task-based method (National Federation of Independent Business 1).



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