MBA 5400 The Supply Chain and business progress XBOX

MBA 5400 The Supply Chain and business progress

Guidelines on the Format of the Term Paper

Each page of your paper MUST include the title of the paper and the page number. Use the header/footer function in Microsoft Word to insert the required information at the top right corner, starting with the title page as page 1. Other reguirements:

About 7-10 typewritten pages (excluding the title page and references)
Double spaced
11-pt. Calibri font
1” margins
Proper citations (see below)
Your paper MUST follow the guidelines and layout below, including types of headings, flow of information, and what content to include:

The Analysis section answers the following questions:
What is the situational analysis of the problem or issue? (A SWOT analysis is suggested here.)
What are the causes/effects of the situation or problem?
How can course concepts be applied to analyze of the situation?
How will ethical issues be addressed if there are any?

Start the “References” section on a new page after the last page of your last section of the paper. List your reference materials in alphabetical order by author’s last name. In preparing References, consider the following:
Have you used a proper Style in your References section and footnotes?
Be sure you have given credit to the source of ALL borrowed information, whether quoted directly or paraphrased in your own words.
See the following resources for additional information:
OWL Purdue (Links to an external site.)
OWL Purdue paper example (Links to an external site.)
Appendix (if needed)
If there are any additional supporting material such as tables/figures you want to include in the paper but don’t want them to be in the main body of the paper, please put them in the Appendix.

In general, pay close attention to proper writing mechanics including concise and clear language use, grammar, spelling and proper sentence structure.

Writing Style Policy

Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are essential in ANY written assignment. Also, structure, organization, flow and overall readability will be factored into the grades for written work. Written assignments are to be typed in 11-point Calibri font using standard margins and double spacing. All written assignments will be submitted online via Turnitin.

All writing assignments must be properly cited in the body of the assignment with an acceptable method (MLA, APA or Chicago). A bibliography is also required. Lack of these elements will fall under the academic integrity policy listed below. KnightCite, a resource of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, is an excellent resource for developing citations in the above styles ( (Links to an external site.)).

Any written assignments submitted without the proper footnotes and bibliography will automatically receive a 25-point deduction from the grade that would have been earned if the citations were present.

How will the assignment be assessed?

The following rubrics will be used to grade your paper.

Communications: The written component offers substantive and concise description and clarity in content, language use, grammar, organization, sentence structure, and supported by APA formatted references.

Critical Thinking: Provides reflection and applications of business concepts, analyzes, synthesizes and expresses the complexities in a given business problem, and gives consideration to alternative systems of thought and solutions where applicable.

Problem Solving: Analyses the underlying causes of the situation by collecting and assessing relevant information, evaluates possible courses of actions, and concludes and defends appropriate solutions and recommendations.

Ethics: Considers concepts of ethical dimensions to the examination of the business problem and analyzes and evaluates ethical issues in defending solutions and recommendations.

Integration: Integrates interrelationships of the business problem issues, ethics, diversity, and global aspects with analysis of the possible courses of actions and recommendations.

Submitting Your Paper