Pillow Book Sample Essay

Pillow Book Essay

The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon is one of the strangest as well as one of the most enchanting pieces of literature. In her book, Shonagon illustrates the trivial, daily minutiae of the world, highly alien to us, and that of the wholly isolated Heian court. She describes the world as a place where people rarely walk though instead they crawl; the world where women often blacken their teeth; and the world where polygamy is normal. In fact, when one reads the Shonagon’s book and genuinely understands it, then the person stands the chance to have a great sense of the people described in the book as well as how they lived several years ago. This paper, therefore, creates a list of topics used by Sei Shonagon then critically analyzes them to draw a conclusion of the issues listed.

The Shonagon’s lists compose of situations as well as things categorized into precise groups. Therefore, the list encompasses the following.

Things that make the heart beat faster

In her book, Shonagon list various things that make someone’s heart beat faster. For instance, the sparrows eating their young ones, passing close to where kids are playing, sleep in the room where certain fine incenses have been scorched, as well as to see an elegant Chinese mirror become somehow cloudy. She further states other things that make the heart beat faster. To wash one’s toilet and it is already night and someone expects a visitor. Unexpectedly one is disconcerted by the raindrops sounds where the wind blows alongside the shatters.

Things that stimulate an affectionate reminiscence of the past

Here, she lists various things that have the capacity to provoke the loving memory of the past. For example, the dried hollyhock objects utilized in the exhibition of the dolls, as well as a piece of deep violet or even grape-colored materials pressed between the notebook pages. In her book, she also states other things that trigger the fond memory of the past. It is the rainy day and makes one feel bored.

Infuriating things

For example, she states that a visitor who arrives when you want to leave for somewhere and stays speaking for ages really frustrates. In this scenario, when such a visitor is someone who you have less respect for, then you may just send such an individual away and inform him to come back later, though when someone who you have much respect for, it becomes an infuriating circumstance. Another example when a baby is crying when you are attempting to hear something. Also, a dog that first discovers a secret lover as he creeps in and starts to back is an infuriating thing. In addition, an ordinary individual who beams absurdly as he prattles continuously also infuriates. Finally, when a new person steps in then begins interrupting as well as lecturing the old individuals as if she completely knows everything at the place.

Elegant Things

In Shonagon view, these encompass a white coat worn over the violet waistcoat, the duck eggs, the rosary of the rock crystal, as well as a lovely kid eating a strawberry.

Things, which may not be compared

These include winter and summer, day and night, sunshine and rain, age and youth as well as love and hatred. Thus, these form things that cannot be compared in the view of Shonagon. Other things listed by Shonagon encompassed spending things, unsuitable things; nothing can be worse, rare things, cats, things that generate the appearance of profound emotion, things that have lost power, disconcerting things, those things without merit, and many others.

After extensive elucidation of the items, Shonagon listed, a lot have been learned from the discussions. I have learned some aspects of religious as well as superstitious traditions of the era which I was totally unaware of. Moreover, I loved the aspect of life especially those that often upset people at various circumstances and those that I have not been used to hearing. My favorite segment in the book is 25 that entail the most infuriating things. In this part, I have learned the true nature of Shonagon’s opinionated personality as well as the relationship with people who may be close or distant to her. In fact, she simply dedicates a section of complaining regarding customs and individuals. She expresses her outspoken personality where she says almost everything that she dislikes. In fact, as further elaborated in her book, she wrote some sections as the idea outlines about her future novels. In viewpoint, the Pillow Book represents a masterpiece of art that I extensively enjoy while reading. Just as depicted in the list, the various items presented by Shonagon wholly show the genius eye she has for detailed things, with conversational, outspoken, and blunt tone. The list shows that she’s not an individual who fears airing her grievances as well as opinions, even when such thoughts conflicts with the anticipated things.

In conclusion, the trademark Shonagon book is just the lists of situations as well as things categorized in precise groups. As seen in the paper, these encompass infuriating things, things that provoke the fond memory of the past, elegant things, those that make the heart beat faster, and those that give hot feelings, spending things, unsuitable things, and many others. All these things give intriguing information and provide best opportunities for people to learn.