Psychology: Social Readjustment Rating Scale and Adult ADHD SELF REPORT SCALE

Survey one:1

Social readjustment scale survey report on students

Student total courses last semester Grades/ GPA Survey score
Student:1 2 B/ 3.0 113
Student :2 2 A/4.0 615
Student :3 3 A/4.0 111
Student:4 4 2A,2B -3.5 0
Student:5 4 A/4.0 274

Write a summary on the above surveys and find the correlation between life stress and academic performance. Observation of the survey

Find the review of this test and include. find the reliability and validity of scores about social readjustment scale survey.

Find any relationship between the questionnaire scores and their grade point average and report your findings and observation in 1 and half paper.


ADHD rating scale

Write a composite summary of the results and include observations and comments regarding the assessment.

 find the reliability and validity of scores about ADHD rating scale

I did uploaded result of ADHD.