Public Administration Essay on Personal Statement

Personal Statement

I am a current sophomore at Indiana University Bloomington with unique skills in managing a team to success. More so, I am capable of delivering high quality results while working on a tight budget and limited time resources. I am attracted to Public Financial Management for various reasons. Foremost, it focuses on economic, social and health policies in order to foster financial, environmental, and domestic growth among individuals and commercial entities. It is also a perfect career choice due to the unlimited opportunities it provides for qualified graduates to work in either public or private sectors.

I developed an interest in this career at an early age after accompanying my parents and extended family members to work during school holidays in the family owned company. Although I was younger than some of the members, I often took up the responsibility to manage and control their functions within the workstation. I was always content after successfully completing daily duties at the company. I also noticed that my academic performance especially in statistics, mathematics, social studies, and languages was impressive.

Consequently, I developed skills to interact with clients to build a relationship based on trust before I engage in marketing. I have always achieved my academic accomplishments due to proper preparation and management of time. My academic history has been preparing me to undertake a managing course to achieve lifetime success through the institution. More so, I manage my siblings so that they can deliver impressive results socially and academically. Therefore, I plan to study Public Financial Management to acquire skills applicable in fostering growth and development on an individual level as well as within the company.