Public Relations Homework Paper on Appropriate Writing Style in English

Appropriate Writing Style in English


  • We must stop all deficit financing.
  • We must try to correct this problem by speeding up
  • It is very important that consumers be allowed to make their preferences.
  • Bradford will serve as mediator in the pending labor-management meeting.
  • People’s tendency to consume is
  • The company must stop its financing immediately.
  • Can we find out the types of customers that tend to use our instant-credit offer?


  • The crew implemented the plan.
  • A committee determines the award.
  • The staff easily adapted to the new policy


  • It is essential that we take the necessary actions to correct the problem.
  • The chairperson is preparing the program.
  • The job requires a minimum of three years of experience.
  • The most successful salespeople received the best rewards.
  • We must keep this information confidential.
  • The mistake occurred due to a lack of understanding on January 7.
  • Refunds are not offered for merchandise sold on discount.
  • Handling of the equipment required expertise skills
  • Kindly correct the address and date on your letter
  • We will have an extremely busy schedule at the conference





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