Reflections on the Video “Digital Nation.”

Reflections on the video “Digital Nation.”

What are the questions the researchers were asking?  What did they find in answer to those questions?

Among the research question that is targeted in the clip is; the ability of students to switch tasks without getting distracted. Confession from students was that in their view, they felt that there are effective due to the capacity to keep track of different activities at the same time. However, from the research, it became pronounced that switch causes distraction, and typically individuals will tend to lose focus. In comparison to people who focus on particular activity, changing roles make the activities carried out to be slowed. Another research question that gives precedence to the study is the effect of technology on the functionality of the brain. Though the use of the internet for information access allows for more details comparatively to read, however, it is made clear that massive use of the Internet for information search compromises the process of decision making. The impact of technology on research is also highlighted. Technology does not allow for an extensive study that is a central aspect of any research activity.

What did you learn about the effect that digital technology has on you?

There are some lessons that become evident to me from the presentation. Firstly, there is a need for control measures to be adopted to regulate the use of digital technologies more so among the younger generation. Through these actions, cases of addiction made manifest I the study will be avoided. Also, it is clear that the effect of digital technology is faced by persons of all ages. The benefits are realized in different sectors same to the adverse consequences that also manifests in both children and the elderly.

The effects of digital technology are varied. Technological adoption is currently embraced in different aspects of life as the military, at work, and even at play among kids. Though the research points out to the positive impacts that technology influences in the society, there are a couple of adverse effects that emanate from the use of digital technology.

We are all aware of the good things we can do with digital technology.  What are the adverse effects of using it?

Firstly, the use of digital technologies is placed to be very addictive. Asia is a continent that is massively affected by cases of addiction among the teenagers. Teenagers are addicted to video games which compromise some their development patterns. Research points out that video game results in depression and has even led to many deaths of persons addicted. Among the teenagers, the heavy use of digital technology has highly interfered with learning activities. In South Korea, the effect of digital technology has even been devastating more so among the teenagers. Heavy use of computers has seen teenagers become socially withdrawn and even resulting in many cases of depression. The effects are significant health crisis that has seen interventions by the government to adopt internet rescue camps for rehabilitation of the affected persons.

Another result of the digital technology that becomes pronounce is the moral decay that has been propelled. It is illustrated that access to the various online platforms has allowed teenagers different materials that expose wrong information. It has contributed to behaviors among individuals that are immoral.