Research Paper Essay on Career Choices in Health Care

Career Choices in Health Care

Below is a list of my choices of a career in healthcare

Physician Consultant

  • It allows one to assist the helpless and ailing
  • It earns a person trust and respect that cannot be compared to that of other careers
  • The high perks and pays enable one to live decently
  • Studying medicine is time consuming and costly
  • Patients situations are the responsibility of a person whether something wrong or right happens
  • Odd and long working schedules
Education requirements:
  • Medicine Doctor Degree (MD)
  • Osteopathy Doctor degree (DO)
Licensing and Registry
  • One must pass USMLE examination’s Part 3
  • Certifying body is the Medical License Service and is its web address.
  • To work in the field one requires registration
Compensation and employment outlook
  • It is expected that this career’s demand will grow at a rate of 5.8 percent annually all the way to 2010.
  • The starting salary on average is $166,000 although with experience it can increase to $239,000.
  • To legally practice medicine, one requires registration with American Medical Association and is its web address.

Hospital administrator

  • Job security
  • High perks and salary
  • High satisfaction for the job
  • Stress that results from more responsibilities
  • Extensive educational requirements
  • Lack of skills for providing patient care
Academic requirements (Davila, 2013):
  • A bachelor’s degree that takes 4 years to complete
  • S. in business administration or B.A
  • Business administration’s M.A or MBA
Registration, certification and licensing
  • There is no need for a license
  • Must take initial licensure’s exam
  • The American Healthcare College Executives performs the board certification (though unnecessary). The website is (Credentialing, 2014)
Compensation/Employment outlook
  • The forecasts indicate that job market will have a 22% increase by 2020.
  • Hospitals number is increasing and this calls for more administrators.
  • Hospital administrators’ salary lies between $51,280 and $144,880 on the basis of the hospital size as well as responsibilities
Professional organization

·         The website for Health Care Administrators Association is

Benefits Administrator

  • Entails direct contact between the administrator and the people and this increases skills
  • It allows one to work in public or private firms
  • One acquires voluminous knowledge in different areas
  • The limited job opportunities make it a very competitive field
  • Extensive studying and research are required
  • High stress levels because one has to make all decisions
Educational requirements
  • A business administration degree with a bias in management
  • HR management units
  • Possession of communication skills

Registration, licensing and certification

v  One must have payroll certification though not mandatory. This can be acquired from American Payroll Association whose website is‎

v  One must take an exam to prove competency with the payroll systems before certification

v  It is not necessary to be licensed in this career

Compensation/Employment outlook

ü  Benefits administrators’ employment forecasts indicate that there will be a rapid growth in the future (Florida Tech University, 2014).

ü  The annual salary for starters is $34,960 but this can increase to $86,540 as one acquires experience and educational advancement

ü  Most administrators work within office settings for an average of 400 working hours every week

Professional organization

§  The Society of Professional Benefit Administrators whose website is

Health Information Specialist


Ø  Job location’s flexibility

Ø  Good salaries

Ø  Helps in hospital activities’ streamlining


·         Entails working for long hours as well as traveling

·         Fatigue, discomfort and eyestrain due to long work schedules

·         Potential loss of the records of patients which can pose risk to the patients

Educational requirements

o   Post-secondary education in some jobs

o   Associate health information degree

o   Certification (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014)

Registration, licensing and certification

v  No need for licensing

v  To be a professional health information specialist one requires a recognized institution’s certification. To acquire this, one must sit for the RHIT examination from AHIMA.

·         American Health Information Management Association is the certifying body whose website is‎

Professional organization

·         American Health Information Management Association whose site is‎



§  Great salary

§  Working schedules are flexible

§  Sometimes tasks are relatively easy


Ø  One should familiarize with the law

Ø  There are many responsibilities

Ø  High risks are involved

Educational qualifications

·         A college degree that takes 4 years to complete

·         CPA, MBA, or MHA provide added advantages

Licensing, registration and certification

o   Certification is a must for HIPAA officers

o   One must seat and pass the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance examination

o   The certifying organization is the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance whose site is (AMA, 2013).

Compensation/Employment outlook

v  Salaries is usually between $1, 726 and $ 101, 179 because of experience and location

v  The employment outlook in this field is expected to increase by more than 20 percent by 2018

v  Office setting is generally the working environment

Professional organization

·         AAPC is the professional organization whose site is

Priority list

ü  A hospital administrator

ü  A physician consultant

ü  A Benefits administrator

ü  A Compliance Officer (HIPPA)

ü  Health Information Expert

Plans for the first choice

After completing a bachelor’s degree studies in business administration, I intend to apply for health administration studies at the graduate school in Manipal University. After graduate school as well as acquiring Hospital administration’s master’s degree, I will take the American Healthcare College exam and then apply for my certification. With the certification, I will now be able to work in a private health facility or hospital to get experience and then seek employment in higher ranking organizations.


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