Research paper on Social Responsibility Genre Analysis

Social Responsibility Genre Analysis


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the initiative of an organization to bear and analyze responsibility of various environmental effects as a result of company operations and community social welfare at large. The idea of CSR is also known as corporate citizenship.

The organization may incur short term expenses that do not have any benefit to the organization but on the other hand, it ensures a positive environmental and social change. CSR expects an organization to be socially responsible to be answerable to members of the community, relevant stakeholders, and the processes and to evaluate the level of their effects on the environment and social welfare.

Many investors often evaluate what an organization has done in terms of its products and services, its operations on the societal and environmental impact and how it responds to the issues raised by its workforce.

Lexington Fayette department that handles emergencies and firefighting services (LDFES) can manage all fires in the County of Fayette. The organization is known for offering top rated emergency services in the county. Additionally, it runs a hazmat team that acts on all types of incidences caused by hazardous materials.

They also have a team of fire investigators including an ATF accelerant detection dog. The LFD offers voluntary services aimed at raising cash fro charity events on yearly basis. They also organize Lexington firefighter’s toy program that assists local children to make merry during Christmas season for about 50 years now.

The Metropolitan Stability Alliance is also created as a coalition that fights for and mobilizes community groups to work together in enhancing environmental, racial and economic fairness to help enhance development and growth agenda in the twin cities in the area. The coalition additionally believes that the place and people in a given area are highly related. They operate to enhance regional investments that are benefit to every individual and more specifically blacks and low income earners.

They also address development and growth issues for example housing and employment as well as transit in an effort to create more power and an area that will help residents to succeed. This kind of coalition campaign is tailor made to enhance and extend the benefits to Minnesota community. They are also purposed to create good links between public investments with the needs of the community. In the past, they have been effective in assisting the locals to participate in local development projects.


Lexington Fayette Division of Fire and Emergency Services, the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability and the Fire Department of Topsfield proposals have the same social responsibility genre. Their genre interacts with others including legal, descriptive, historic and factual genres.


The Lexington Fayette emergency department of services and fire contributes a great deal towards the wellbeing of the community by offering a wide range of services including handling of hazardous materials, specialized rescue services, fire prevention and EMS services among others. They also offer drop in services, child/infant car safety that is a temporary haven to distressed kids.

They also have a program for the elderly which is the free blood pressure check and birthday parties. The LFDES are also requesting for financial support to help purchase a new air compressor and a diesel exhaust extraction system to help prevent its staff from inhaling harmful perfumes.

Therefore, the Topfield Fire Department proposal truly fulfills the social responsibility category by carrying out a job description. The department further handles fire cases, emergency rescue, handling of harmful material and medical emergencies. The department responded to 1019 assistance requests last year and managed to respond to 87 fire incidences with 27 of the rescued people being the elderly.

The town further supports a large group of people that need specialized attention. The Topfield Fire Department also has a written proposal that requests for support to help purchase a new washing machine to help in cleaning of gears and to prevent staff members from contracting highly infectious diseases in the course of machine cleaning. Additionally, they wish to implement this as a way of meeting OSHA standards for equipment operation.

The Topfield Fire Department proposals and Lexington Fayette Division of Fire and Emergency have proposals that request for financial support to help enhance their equipment for the safety of firefighters and their health. When firefighter’s welfare is being taken care of, they will only serve the community better.

The Alliance for Metropolitan Stability organization definition was the first to be addressed by the genre and the way in which fund from Steward Co-op would be utilized. The purpose of the alliance is to “engage communities in eliminating racial, environmental, and economic  disparities in growth and development patterns in the Twin Cities metropolitan area” (Riordan). Additionally, the Alliance goes on to discuss the advantages Steward Co-op would enjoy if it offered financial support to its proposal. An issue the Alliance included into the proposal was to inspire Steward to sponsor environmental and social responsibility.

In modern day community, when a company assumes a proactive stance, clients are more likely to purchase different products from them as well as anyone else since they are giving back to the community. The Alliance lastly states that the amount of money they would like to receive. This proposal is therefore very clear and easy to understand based on the fact that it is detailed.


People who write in this specific field are known as writers. Even so, in the given situation, an employee or a manager can write the proposal since it relates directly to their causes or needs. the person writing socially accountable genre must also have analytical skills, problem solving skills, effective communication, decision making ability and most importantly, past experience in the field. This kind of proposal is team based as it needs expert interaction within the company.

The purpose of doing so is to effectively reach a conclusion in which they should request, what the proposal should have and how the message will be written while keeping in mind the reader. Readers are the people who go through a proposal. This proposal would therefore directly go to the manager in charge for further discussion with the accounts department. This will further discuss the amount of cash they need to donate and the manner in which the request will be funded.

The manager will later on be at liberty to decide whether to reject or accept the proposal based on the amount of cash availed to him. The target audience should have rational thinking to make the right decisions since they affect the reputation of the organization. Additionally, the reader must display patience and have a positive attitude as well as excellent communication skills. In this kind of situation, the reader will go through the proposal during working hours to determine whether it is ideal for the company or not.


The genre will help writers to focus more on organization deficiencies and clearly display their needs. The writers make a proposal in the genre to a greater level emphasizing the desired meaning. Readers must reach an agreement whether the proposal is advantageous to them or not and if the finances are available. The purpose the genre fulfills for the readers is making the organization socially responsible and the writer will receive finances for the project.

The samples further enhance social responsibility by working towards support of local communities. They engage in different community enhancing activities as a way of creating positive environmental and social change. The contents in the proposal include the description of the company.

The company has further elaborated on the services it offers, inception year, physical address and shareholders in the organization. The mission statement is additionally clearly elaborated in the proposal. The company should further explain the problem being addressed in the community and the way they are offering a solution to the issue. The proposal further explains the manner in which the funds will be accounted for and the needed amount to purchase equipment.

Lexington Fayette Division of Fire and Emergency Services have some vital evidence displaying the relationship of their communities division. They offer temporary safe haven for distressed kids and youth and host birthday parties. Another proposal that is closely tied that we came across was the Tow of Topfield Fire Department. The fire department handled 1019 fire assistance requests last year.

The Alliance further inspires their partners to be committed in purchasing sustainable products from local businesses as a way of supporting the economy and further enhancing social responsibility aspect. The art of persuasion has definitely taken place in the three proposals. They used facts and evidence for logos to persuade audience to trust and believe in their points.

The three proposals generate compassion for pathos, towards the purpose of the organization because it links towards realization of higher standards in different communities. Ethos appeal is also clear because the three organizations are no profit oriented thus, making them credible.

There are also headings in this genre clearly displaying discussion contents in paragraph form. The length of discussion section typically is eight sentences. The content is also simple to understand, read and digest thus, active in communication the issue. The purpose of the proposal also has same writing guidelines which are very evident when it comes to purpose and tone.

Participants need to realize whether the proposal is from an ethical point of view and whether it works in the favor of the mission, ‘supporting a good cause’’. Companies with good financial support are also targeted since they are available funds to support the causes. The proposal further encourages readers to positively think about their environment and other relevant issues occurring and the things that need to be resolved. Sample contents would be essential for funds disclosure based on the fact that they are vital in resolving issues.


Your job as a writer is to write from the reader’s point of view. When discussing social responsible, it is wise to consider organization’s options. Try to compare the company with the values it upholds and its mission, and then choose the organization that the proposal will be sent to. By doing so, you will be eliminating chances of rejection.

The purpose of the writer in writing from a perspective that is socially responsible is to clearly define its goals and to explain what the company hopes to achieve if funds are granted. It is therefore, essential to be caring, realistic and confident to persuade the reader to help in their cause.

The reader should also expect technical data and hands on details on how it will be utilized and how direct communication will take place. The proposal should be simple to read and understand as well as being written well. Use of charts offer more understanding on how the expenses sum up and how funds will be used. Headings should be bold underlined to enhance visual clarity.

Sentences of the document are medium length, and active. Nouns are included in sentences for instance, in the Alliance proposal we (on behalf) is often utilized to ensure togetherness.