Sample Admission Essay for a Chemical Engineering Major

Admission Essay for a Chemical Engineering Major

Chemical engineers’ work involves inventing, developing, and operating manufacturing processes that chemically transform raw materials into useful products for human consumption. I was born in a family that greatly values academic achievement and appreciates the significance of environmental conservation.From the initial years of my childhood, my parents taught me the importance of quality education and knowledge as well as the ways of acquiring it. They ensured that I attain this by taking me to credible learning institutions. As I grew up in this environment, I developed great interest in learning, reading, and questioning almost everything around me. Gradually, I was attracted to science because comparatively, this field is knowledge-laden. In high school, I took practical measures to specifically understand and gain additional insight in science disciplines. In particular, I found the experiments in Chemistry and Physics fascinating and informative. Their ability to resolve complex problems was amazing and contributed significantly to my strong desire to pursue science.

Although it has significant oil resources, Saudi Arabia grapples with the problems of environmental degradation that emanate from the manufacturing processes. As aforementioned, my family values the importance of environmental protection. It believes that a clean environment is elemental for effective functioning at an individual and institutional level. According to our values, environmental conservation is a prerequisite for attaining success and sustainable development. From my childhood, my parents ensured that I understood the complexities that surround the issue of environmental wellbeing in addition to acquiring quality education. The current environmental concerns that the country faces threaten our very existence. Besides my parents, I am also interested in finding lasting solutions for these problems. Personally, I acknowledge that as much as the country benefits from the oil resources, it needs to address environmental concerns. I can make credible contributions to this cause by pursuing Chemical Engineering.

Despite being one of the world’s leading oil producers, Saudi Arabia struggles with problems relating to energy efficiency. National reports indicate that currently, it is experiencing a shortage of natural gas, relies solely on its oil resources to produce electricity for local consumption, and has diversified energy needs. What’s more, Saudi Arabia lacks a reliable and efficient public transport system. Coupled with its geographical vastness, its oil consumption continues to grow on an annual basis. Based on these trends, there is an urgent need to increase energy efficiency in order to sustain growth and development. Besides expanding renewable energy production, the use of high-tech machines is effective in addressing this concern.

By pursuing Chemical Engineering, the skills will enable me to help Saudi Arabia to attain a desirable state of energy efficiency. In particular, I will have a chance to use the latest technology to undertake research and design new chemical plants for the oil manufacturing industry. In addition to incorporating important safety measures, I will ensure that end products are efficient and the processes are environmentally sound. Santa Barbara University has sufficient resources to enable me achieve this goal. I plan to explore possible technologies that can enable the country to harness its renewable energy. Exploiting other energy options such as biodiesel, wind energy, and solar energy will help in substituting the current non-renewable sources. Certainly, the strong educational background and value system greatly shapes my dreams and aspirations with respect to studying Chemical Engineering.