Sample Admission Essay on Application for Scholarship

Application for Scholarship

Since I was about six years of age, I was already dreaming of what I would like to become in the future. My parents started to take me to different malls and hotels during the weekends. I became curious of owning such business entities. A successful businessperson is always independent, and always working hard to keep up with the market’s requirements. A successful businessperson has to relate well with people because they are his clients and customers. I had to put a lot of effort in my studies, in addition to talking to as many people as possible to understand their needs. I have excelled in my primary and secondary education, and now I am a student in Seattle University, undertaking a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. I am contemplating on seeking a marketing internship before I continue with my Master’s Degree in Marketing. My parents have been supporting me throughout my studies, but I would like to give them a break so that they can concentrate on my younger siblings who are on the verge of completing their high school education. A scholarship will assist me in securing an internship, and, hopefully, covering for my tuition fee in during my Master’s Degree study.

Beside my education achievements, I have engaged myself in various activities outside the classroom environment in club activities. Such activities have sharpened my leadership qualities, particularly in solving students’ problems. I have been an active member of Seattle University American Marketing Association (SUAMA) since I joined this university, and I have endeavored to expand my horizon using the activities, as well as events that have happened at SUAMA. I am a former amateur athlete, having been a representative for Hong Kong Speed Inline Roller Skating, as well as team captain for Skating Association. I am also a member of Rotaract Club in Bellevue College. I have worked in community services as a volunteer through the Jesuit ethos of competence, ethics, and compassion. Your organization’s view of investing in education for a successful future is aligned to what I believe in. My family and friends have already offered me their moral support, and the only remaining thing for me to achieve my dream is your assistance with a scholarship. If selected for the scholarship, I will strive to represent your organization the best way possible through serving others. I hope your organization will consider my request and allow me to attain my childhood goal through awarding me your scholarship. Thank you in advance and I am looking forward for your consideration.