Sample Admission Essay on Boosting Employee Motivation and Morale

Boosting Employee Motivation and Morale

Employee motivation and morale is vital in the success and profitability of a business. Ngambi (2011) argues that the morale of a highly motivated employee is equally high and he/she is thus satisfied, loyal and trusts the employer. Analysts have linked low morale of the employees to the low profits and at times, the collapse of businesses. The energy of the employees may naturally ‘die out’ and may require boosting (Ngambi, 2011). It is, therefore, necessary for employers and business administrators to find out what activities motivates their employees best and establish the best time and place to carry out these activities.  It is in this light that my essay, as a new human resource (HR) manager of Beta Oil Company, describes the company and discusses how a field day would increase its employee’s productivity.

Beta Oil Company is a manufacturing company involved with the manufacturing of cooking oil. It has many competitors within its locality. It has 150 employees in its 5 major departments: production, investment, marketing, technical and human resource. Those in the production department are involved with production planning, industrial designs, production, quality assurance and maintenance. Their counterparts in the investment department are tasked with planning for investments, research and engineering. The marketing department is solely responsible for market analysis, public relations, trade marketing, advertising and promotions. The technical department offers technical services and advice while the human resource department is involved with training and recruitment of employees. In addition, this department also offers office support and it is also mandated with the task of compensating and giving benefits to the employees.

Beta Oil Company calculates its profits quarterly (after every 3 months) and has been doing well. However, in the last 2 quarters, dwindling profits have been realized. On conducting some investigations, low employee’s morale has emerged as the most probable cause for this drop. Being the new HR, I am expected to perform and therefore, I must remedy this situation. The company must realize profits in the next quarter. On further investigations, it has been realized that though the employees are well remunerated, they work independently in their different departments. The employees are extremely busy to an extent that they do not have time to bond as a group, know each other and relax their minds. Consequently, as the HR, I have decided to organize a field day for all the employees.

In this day, different sporting activities will be organized which will fit all the employees. T-shirts and hats will be designed for different teams. There will be interdepartmental competitions where the winners will be recognized and awarded. The competitions, ball games and athletics, will be organized in such a way that all employees will interact with one another. By the end of the day, after the awards, the employees will go back to their hotel rooms and prepare themselves for dinner. At the dinner tables, the employees will be instructed not to sit as a department but as a mixture. The interactions will proceed during meals and even after.

Researchers have found out that field and sports days are very helpful in building teamwork and unity among employees (Ngambi, 2011). According to Connole they establish a sense of connectivity between the employees and make them feel that they are one and are working for a common purpose: success of the business (2000).  He further argues that It helps employees to bond and see the need for one another which makes them more interdependent. By the end of the day, the employees of Beta Oil Company will be more united, interdependent, relaxed and will have their spirits lifted. Group activities and outings makes the employees realize that their employer values them and that though they are in different departments, they are working for a common front (Connole, 2000). In effect, their morale is boosted and this will raise their productivity. The effectiveness of this activity will be realized in the profits calculated in the subsequent quarters.

Evidently, employee’s morale needs to be boosted. It is the responsibility of the employer to build loyalty and trust in the employees which will ensure that the employees are always happy at their work place. The employer should also cultivate unity and team spirit in the employees. This, coupled with proper remuneration, will boost the productivity of the company and more profits will be realiz


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