Sample Admission Essay on English as my favorite subject

Admission Essay

English has always been my favorite subject since my childhood days, although it is not my native language. I have decided to major in English because English is a universal language, and anyone who does not understand the language tends to encounter some difficulties in communication. My desire is to instill knowledge to those who search for it passionately, and I usually do this through publishing some articles in the local dailies. I intend to build my career as an author. Therefore, I believe that Duquesne University will offer me the chance to lay the foundation for this course.

Studying English helps in promoting ethics as well as preserving the reading culture. I have developed a habit of reading everything I lay my hands on, as long as it is written in English. English language is a vehicle in which individuals express themselves in words. I managed to get a part-time job not because I was qualified, but through good command of English. My career as an author will involve a lot of travelling, especially outside my country. Thus, mastery of English will boost my relationship with my clients. I have already travelled several countries for English talks while I was in high school.

Majoring in English will boost my analysis skills as an author as well as an admired columnist. It will assist in navigating different situations in life, which include undertaking thorough research on different subjects. English has the capacity to improve the potential of employees, in addition to making them well rounded, thus, increasing participation in teamwork. I believe that Duquesne University stands out as the best place to shape my destiny. In addition, the university will assist me to attain my professional goals through exposure to leadership, partnership, and productivity.