Sample Admission Essay on How I define Wisdom

How I define wisdom

I believe wisdom is the ability of an individual to comprehend, in the course of gaining special occurrences and making decision on vague and confusing matters. However, I believe wisdom has changed its specific meaning across different historical times and contexts. Some thoughts or actions might be considered to be wise at some point in time, but unwise at others. Although the specific meaning of wisdom has changed, it is perfect since it involves both knowledge and virtuous behavior. As such, wisdom can be said to be universal high preference and perception and not in requisites of particular proceedings or actions. Therefore, wisdom may be less vulnerable to historical change than other forms of knowledge because it focuses on the understanding of self and others and as such is directed at universals in human nature.

I see my life as a series of experiences that build upon one another and, through my hard work and determination, lead to overall long and short term goals that I have set for myself. There are thousands upon thousands of things that affect my life both directly and indirectly all of which have varying degrees of influence on me. Three areas of my life that most certainly have had a profound impact on me are scholarship, spiritual formation, and service. These three areas have affected me positively, and have motivated me to pursue higher levels of education, and have challenged me to set my lifetime goals higher.

Education has always been a significant component in my life and a constant source of wisdom. Ever since I was a young child my parents have insisted on the need of succeeding in my academic life. During grade school I had decent grades and I owe this to my parents and teachers who vehemently encouraged and couched me. I also appreciate the support of my fellow students for the ample time we had together which greatly contributed to my better grades and my perspectives. My wisdom, individually, is an aggregation of their contributions and personal experiences

For one to know and know more one must move and learn an individual can gain by being stagnant at one point, it is advisable that for one to improve he/she must move. Knowledge also expands appetite for more knowledge therefore the ones who know, will diligently work to know more and to better the world instead of quietly accepting it. It is through this phrase that enables me to strive harder so as to able to reach the peak.

All three of these areas of life have greatly influenced me in many ways. I am sure that all three of these areas will continue to have a profound impact on my life in the future. All I can do is keep on living my life the way I am, learn from my mistakes, and hopefully improve my life based on what I learn. I would be honored and grateful to be given the opportunity to study since this will give me an extremely great chance to succeed in my field of specialization as well as to succeed in life.

For individuals to develop wisdom, they must go through the process of learning- from-life. This encompasses expression, amalgamation and function  thus changing one’s experiences to the proportions of wisdom that include taking in, processing, and using information. Wisdom brings harmony between two groups bringing peace since each and every person is lead to acting in accordance to his/her conscience.