Sample Admission Essay on Immigrant Reform and Control Act

Immigrant Reform and Control Act

The law was passed in 1986 with an intention to protect as well as preserve jobs for Americans and aliens who are legally allowed to do them. The law demands that employers do not recruit or hire any worker without authorization by the law to work (Sommerville, 2007). The government argued that there had been high levels of illegal immigration that resulted in to increase in unemployment rates. The problem had to be under the control of the government to ensure that effective and strong mechanisms were used to handle it. Thus, the act was established as the major mechanism to approach the problem. Patricia’s restaurant is not an exception to the application of the Immigrant Reform and Control Act on hiring employees. This is because the law provides that employers, who have four and more workers, will be under the control of the Immigrant Reform and Control Act. Patricia has 15 employees and therefore she falls under the bracket. The law prohibits employers to discriminate against any authorized worker during work.

If an employer does not comply with the provision of this law, an employer should not hire workers that are not authorized by the law to work he /she faces some consequences. Instead, those vacancies ought to be preserved for the citizens and aliens. Heavy penalties are charged to such an employer. The employer will be fined a minimum of $ 250 for any worker employed in his/her organization without authorization from the government (Collins, 2010). The employer will also be charged with a minimum fine of $ 100 as well as imprisonment for each unauthorized worker for having violated paperwork. I agree with these consequences because the heavy penalties will help in instilling fear in employers not to employ unauthorized workers.  Patricia will have to comply with procedures and policies in hiring her employees. Some of them include completing verification forms for the workers; filing a petition when hiring foreigners and applying for labor certificates when hiring employees for a short period.


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