Sample Admission Essay on Marketing Campaign

Marketing and Marketing Campaign

Impacts of marketing impacts on both a corporation and a consumer

Marketing both in the global and domestic markets have a huge impact on the performance of a corporation and influences the behavior of consumers in favor of the corporations carrying out marketing activities. In corporations, marketing helps to understand the type of products that are appealing to the consumers. It also helps in designing and manufacturing of those products and availing them to the market at competitive prices, which facilitates the purchase and use of these products by consumers.  Marketing activities therefore, assist in ensuring corporations remain strong in a highly competitive market environments both domestically and globally. Marketing helps to communicate information and benefits of products to consumers thereby influencing their purchases in favor of products of a particular corporation. By understanding the role of marketing consumers are also able to determine how companies influence their purchasing behaviors. This prevents them from unhealthy manipulation by corporation towards purchasing their products.

Role of a consumer play in marketing today

Consumers play a number of roles in marketing today for instance, unlike a customer who simply buys a product or service, a consumer is an end user and therefore plays a major role in marketing research carried out before a product or service is released to the market. Identified target consumers are invited to participate in surveys that assist in establishing key elements of a marketing plan such as right price and marketing message. Consumers also play a role in the process of gathering feedback after a corporation’s offer is introduced to the market. This feedback is significant since a company is required to track results and continuously monitor the needs of consumers so that they can rectify or make appropriate improvements in the future. Finally, consumers who have used the products or services act as agents to increase the marketing plans effects whereby they can refer the corporation’s products to other consumers either online or offline. This enhances marketing that is free and effective since individuals are inclined to trust the word of people they know in case they are trying new products and services.

Role of marketing role in 5-10 years

In the next five to ten years, there will be more advancement in technology and the role of marketing will change as well, the digital technology has currently enabled companies to retarget consumers after they respond to their messages. The marketing role will therefore shift from grabbing the consumers’ attention to holding it. Marketers will have to make their brands to be more like publishers and develop content skills. Marketing will also have to focus on a passion economy where a sense of purpose determines how people will act and brand association rather than brand attributes. The marketing role will be to collect huge amounts of data in real time to determine what is required in the market by consumers instead of waiting for controlled studies results and analyze them to find out the course of action to take. Marketing will also drives value and brands to become open platforms rather than assets that are closed off and protected.

Example of a recent marketing campaign

Description of the campaign

The “Roll Out Happiness” Coca Cola Company campaign is one of the most recent inspiring campaigns. The Company is one of the largest beverage companies in offering a wide variety of beverages led by Coca Cola, which is a highly recognized brand in the world. The idea of this campaign follows a Coca Cola’s Open Happiness global marketing platform introduced in 2009. The company’s aim in the introduction of this campaign was to try and make everyday life appear a little less depressing and relaxing while enjoy a drink of coke. In this campaign, a video is filmed and hosted on the You Tube page of the Company featuring. It features a Coca Cola truck in a locality surrounded by buildings and rolling out a plot of grass. In a short while trees and a Coca Cola machine suddenly pop up, which leads to catching up attention of the people who passing by. A sign reading “ To Open happiness, take off your shoes” is seen at the front of the coca cola machine and once those visiting remove their shoes the machine pops out free coca cola bottles which attracts even more attention from passersby. After the video is zoomed out, the grassy area rolled out by the truck appears to be shaped like the bottle of coke giving more surprise to the participants. The message communicated is that a slight change in certain scenery can make life to be more meaningful, change the people’s altitude, and allow them to enjoy some happiness that was unexpected. Such pop up park videos were filmed in several locations with a limited number of crew and participants who were genuinely surprised by the unfolding events. They were then promoted in the local markets by community managers through Facebook or twitter.

Campaign target

The campaign targeted wide variety of audiences who are diverse at many levels like in ethnicity, age and race since Coca Cola offers beverage drinks that are consumed by many people all over the world. It specifically relates to those wishing to have great summer memories like picnics and enjoying outdoor events and time helping them visualize a feeling of happiness and enjoying every moment.

Intrigue or interesting part of the campaign

The intriguing part of this campaign is that it helped to come up with a simple change to an environment that resulted to a tide of positive emotions among the participants. This was by creating an instant park that was the shape of a coke bottle from a coke branded machine. Other assorted items like picnic baskets and blankets as well as kites and guitars hanging on trees were also surprisingly included to make the moment more enjoyable and real. The pop up park were created in the middle of the cities where people can relate to the lack of such an enjoyment in life with a bottle of Coke. It was also interesting that people who were not aware of the campaign happily participated and enjoyed the moment when they kicked of their shoes and received a drink from a vending machine.

Campaign comparison with a competitor’s effort

One of the biggest competitors of Coca Cola is Pepsi, which is also a famous beverage company. In this particular campaign coca cola does not target a specific group of people rather it appreciates all audiences of all ages and genders. In this marketing campaign strategy, Coca Cola Company also tries to make more people appreciate the value of the product by demonstrating how much happiness it gives. However adverts from the Pepsi Company mainly targets the young generation by focusing mostly on pop stars in its advertisements. Pepsi seems a bit unfair most of their marketing strategies since they do not consider all generations and try to portray Coke as a drink that is not cool for the forward thinking individuals. The coca cola company campaign is less flashy and makes use of a classical appeal probably because it has a long history of a company producing standard cola beverages. The Pepsi campaigns are mostly flashy incorporating pop music, fashion, and cars. This campaign also has a similarity to the Pepsi marketing campaigns in that just like Pepsi; it is moving away from use of the traditional methods of marketing and focusing on the advanced digital and technological ways of advertising.

Effective part of the campaign

The campaign was effective due to the reason that the video that was meant for online marketing was designed and executed for a maximum response from both the participants and the internet users. This is because it created an emotional connection with the brand for anyone who participated or viewed the video. The engagement of people who got caught up in the filming of the video going on with their everyday lives and the giving of free drinks allowed a significant group of people happiness and were greatly touched by the little moment. Social media that is increasingly becoming the best marketing strategy for most companies and especially Coca cola also provided huge audiences. The shared campaign video through social media platforms such global tweets and Facebook updates among internet users increased the effect and success of the campaign.