Sample Admission Essay on Moving to America

Moving to America

Getting an opportunity to study in the United States of America was a dream come true. I destined to get the best education that I could get anywhere in the world. So I made up my mind to leave a world I had grown up in, a world I had gotten used to, a life I knew as well as I knew the back of my hand and decided to venture into an unknown world.

The decision to move to the United States was one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make in life. It is a decision that meant that I give up a life I knew to a promise of a better future, a promise I was not sure would materialize. Given the opportunity to get the same education I was going to pursue in the U.S I would definitely have chosen to continue living in Saudi. It was familiar territory; my whole life was in Saudi Arabia. But it is common knowledge that education in the United States is world class education and this was an opportunity of a life time.

The first and most important factor that I had to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to move to the United States for further education was my family. A family is important in the life of any human being; it is a source of comfort and joy. Leaving my family behind in Saudi Arabia, therefore, made the decision to move a very hard one to make. The thought of staying home with people I knew, whom I understood and who understood me was very comforting, on the other hand I had the promise of a better life, an opportunity that many people would kill to have.

My job was another factor that I had to consider in deciding whether or not to move to the U.S.A. In a world where economic conditions were not so favorable, good jobs were hard to come by. I had been lucky in landing this job and letting it go was proving more difficult than I would have liked. I was not guaranteed of a job in the United States especially since I was a foreigner. I had heard stories of people who had migrated to the States in the hope of getting greener pastures only to be forced to get up to three jobs for survival. That was a life I was not looking forward to. Life in Saudi Arabia seemed more comfortable as compared to life in the U.S.A.

In making this difficult decision, I first of all, had to consider what was best for me. As much as U.S.A was completely out of my comfort zone, the education and the social amenities that I was going to have the advantage of getting were better than I could ever dream of getting back home. I was going to interact with different people from diverse backgrounds and this was going to teach me a lot of lessons. Studying in the U.S.A also put me at an advantage when it came to getting jobs. As such in the long run, I was going to benefit more if I moved to the U.S to study than I ever would if I decide to stay home. What I learnt in all this is that when faced with difficult decisions, I should consider the option that would ensure I get the most benefit.