Sample Admission Essay on Personal Statement

Personal Statement

My fascination with the dynamic nature of the world began back in high school. I was so interested in understanding how people from different backgrounds and nationalities related with one another that I wanted to explore the reason behind the existing as well as future relationships between nations. It all started with the program I chose to listen to on the radio or watch on television. Most of my free time away from school assignments and studying for my exams, I used to watch CNN news and other programs that educated me about the world as well as updated me on issues relating to how countries were interacting economically, politically, and socially. This motivated me to choose a career in international relations and thus joined Lynn University to pursue a bachelor degree in International Relations. Additionally, taking a major in International Relations will enable me to gain knowledge and allow me join an international organization such as the United Nations in order to help susceptible populace and victims of war, natural calamities, and famine among others.

During my undergraduate studies at Lynn University, I was exposed to a number of challenges that I believe created a foundation for me to realize my potential to successfully pursue a major in international relations at Florida International University (FIU). While at Lynn University, I was able to gain Honors: Dean’s List of the academic year 2012-2013 Awards: Transfer Scholarship for the academic year of 2012-2013. In addition, while at Lynn University, I was engaged in a number of activities away from academics, which earned me some certificates. For instance, I received a certificate of appreciation for volunteering in the Final Presidential Debate 2012 held in Lynn University. During this debate, I learnt a number of things including the need to foster positive relations with other nations due to the fact that, such relationships help a country improve its economy as well as borrow certain practices that can help to augment a country’s economic level.

Additionally, I received a certificate of appreciation for participating in Saudi Club at Lynn University 2013 Languages where I learnt how to work as a team and gained personal relation skills that I believe are a prerequisite in my course and outside work. Generally, the experience at Lynn University gave me the aptitude to view the world from a professional perspective as far as international relation is concerned. I am a creative and critical thinker with proficiency in problem solving and make effective decisions. I have a talent in computer as far as office system design is concerned and a great proficiency in Microsoft Office. As a responsible, flexible, polite, and courteous person, I work well despite pressure and complete my assignments in time.

I am aware of the excellent reputation of your institution and your dedication to transform individuals into reliable public servants to help in building a good future. Therefore, if granted a chance to advance my studies in your graduate school, I will commit myself to not only my course but also in forming a good team that will create a difference when out of the institution. Besides your outstanding faculty, I shall rely on a number of your facilities to improve my skills and gain more knowledge to help create a bright future. I look forward to joining you soon.