Sample Admission Essay on Social Problems

Social Problems

A social problem refers to an issue or a condition that negatively affects a large group of people in a society and needs to be addressed accordingly. There are numerous examples of social issues such as poverty, mental illness, being orphaned, and disability that has an initial impact on the individual. This is because it is the individual who has to live with the condition. These issues also have a large impact on the surrounding since these individuals require basic needs for survival but may not be able to help society in any way. Since individual members of the society may not be willing to cater for them, the society takes it upon itself to cater to their needs. Such issues, therefore, carry both an individual and social aspect. The social aspect of these issues is what warrants them the term social problems.

Criminals who terrorize individuals in society have a much greater impact on society than on individuals since they threaten peace and order. It is important to consider that crimes can be of very many forms and natures. A criminal’s activities have a direct impact on the victims and are a threat to potential victims thus need to be dealt with by the state (Popple, 2018). As a result, rehabilitation centers have to be set up to the house and rehabilitate them in order to protect the rest of the society from incurring further damages. Therefore, society takes up the issue upon itself thus the term social problem and not only does it takes up the issue it also looks for various ways to tackle the issue.

In conclusion, a problem or condition that has a bearing on a large group of people in society and needs to be dealt with by the state and/or society is a social problem.


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