Sample Admission Essay on Statement of purpose

Statement of purpose

I am an undergraduate student at Miami University majoring in Finance. This has given me skills to explore intensely into the field of finance, marketing, management as well as corporate strategy. It has also given me more skills in numerical skills like financial mathematics. I have especially taken pleasure in the international part of the learning, which has allowed me to gain business understanding from international and comparative point of view, especially given my curiosity in real estate. Therefore, I have been applying my best talents to my studies and have enjoyed the returns of excellent grades that the commitment afforded me. Throughout my learning, I have been captivated by the diverse factors that need to be considered when making decisions regarding real-estate investment.

Having been attracted to real-estate business for a long time, I am greatly focusing on pursuing a profession in property investment. Since my tender age, my work experience as well as undergraduate studies has aimed to prepare myself for this line of career. Therefore, I am ready to take another crucial step towards this direction to study a Master’s degree in real estate major. By doing this, I intend acquiring a higher level of practical and theoretical of proficiency in legal, management as well as financial aspects of real-estate that range from risk management to evaluation techniques through debt financial support and property law.

My interest in this career was fuelled by my mother business as she works in real estate. One aspect of this type of investment that I like most is its distinctive nature as a type of investment. This is because when judged against other types of investment, such as, shares, commodities or direct venture in a business prospect. Investing in properties is based in an exclusive set of aspects, where all of them should be well understood by the financier if they need to make returns that they are looking for. Out of the experience I have come to realize that, to successfully invest in property, it requires a diverse skill set in relation to investing in other forms of assets. In addition, I am mainly interested on how, as far as today’s context in economic instability is concerned, real-estate venture has developed as compared to other types of business.

On the other hand, through my mother’s real-estate business I have gained in depth an understanding of residential assets as an investment. This has also helped me learning about the difficulties associated with processes lying behind making decisions on property investment and this has given me a consciousness of financial risk aspects related to property development. I have gained a superb impression of the various different areas with which real-estate businesses are concerned, the different customers they work with as well as the overall financial benefit of real-estate sector. All my experience either in real-estate or in other areas, have assisted in making me a well-built work ethic, exceptional analytical skills, the capability of working under pressure and strong longing to succeed in this business environment. Thus, am hoping that by completion of the Masters degree, I will not only possess the necessary skills to study and forecast precisely the future of housing markets, but also good allies whom I can gain more knowledge as well as work together in my upcoming employment. I anticipate transferring this expertise and skills to work in a sector of property evaluation within an investment bank or international property consultant.