Sample Admission Essay on The obesity rate in New York State

The obesity rate in New York State and what steps NYS is taking to decrease it

Lifestyle induced diseases and illnesses continue to affect most Americans due to the nature of the lifestyle they operate in. This has been attributed due to poor eating habits with no physical exercises leading to the accumulation of fats in their bodies. These poor eating habits have led to increased lifestyle diseases such as Obesity, which affects many Americans in most of the country’s States. One of the most affected states is New York State, with obesity rates of about 25%.

According to the division of nutrition and physical and obesity, the wider arm of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, dietary elements have been the major cause of Obesity, with adults reaching about 60.6% being overweight and obese. This is mainly attributed to high consumption of beverages that have high levels of sugar above the normal levels while at the same time less number of people being physically active. Obesity is an epidemic with most New Yorkers, many of whom being adults considered to be obese, with record levels reaching 34%. This has not only affected the adult population, but also the children population with kindergarten pupils being considered to be obese at their early stages. The rates of obesity in New York have increased with most children and adolescents recording the highest in terms of being obese or overweight, with the current figures from the New York State indicating that a third of the State’s children are obese.

The threat as a result of obesity continues to persist in New York, with several programs being initiated by the elected leaders, with some widely depicted by the Bloomer’s administration.

The bloomer administration and the New York State health departments have been at the forefront of initiating programs that limit the consumption of unhealthy drinks, in the current wake where there has been high consumption of sugary drinks. There have been many anti-obesity campaigns aimed at reducing high-calorie amounts mainly in the fast food joints, aimed at waging war against obesity, by encouraging healthy bodies (“Statewide Tour Fighting Obesity Kicks off in Buffalo”).

The war on obesity has however born fruits with many programs and legislations being implemented to curb and control the disease, with recent reports indicating that there are statewide teams advocating for healthy foods in the state (“Welcome to the Team”). The progress in reducing the negative impact of obesity is due to constant implementation and participation of key stakeholders, with teachers, parents and the government highly participating in programs aimed at eradicating the menace.

There are also other statewide efforts that make sure that schools are audited to ascertain the benefits and progress that are being realized as a result of encouraging the intake of nutritional meals. These are federal educational initiatives being implemented in the education sector in order to tackle the obesity menace in schools. On the other hand, the Center for Disease Control and prevention also reports a positive trend that has been achieved in reducing the rates of obesity. The organization indicates that obesity rates reduced significantly in many states, including New York due to structured programs and legislations enacted to reduce the disease. The disease prevalence is due to poor eating habits and high availability of sugary beverages, with little excise on people, making the government to initiate programs and laws to reduce its prevalence among the New Yorkers.

Among these initiatives include community based programs, governmental legislation through stringent education policies, and other legislations banning food drinks that are high in calories and sugar to reduce over-accumulation of sugar in people so as to reduce the rates of obesity.

There are various programs that have been implemented in New York State to reduce the rates of obesity among New Yorkers. Among the key programs that have been implemented is the use of campaigns, with the most notable I choose media campaign being used to reach the New York population by educating consumers in making selections regarding healthy foods that have low-calorie levels, with the campaign targeting most fast food restaurants that sell burgers.

On the other hand, the division of the city’s urban planning also actively participates in reducing obesity in New York by building healthier environments that are aimed in encouraging physical activity. The New York State is also enforcing guidelines on sugary drinks, by enforcing taxes on soft drinks in order to promote a healthy lifestyle (Bray 129). In other instances, the society has also played a role in eradicating obesity by implementing healthy living programs that are implemented within the community to reduce obesity by increasing healthy foods to the population as well as establishing initiatives aimed at increasing physical activity.

The New York state has implemented various programs to reduce the rate of obesity in the State. They have made progress towards reducing the menace, with significant progress made due to government initiatives at the State level.















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