Sample Analysis Paper on Socialization

Socialization Analysis

Socialization group comprises of a support or a treatment group where people with mental and other health complications such as Asperger’s Syndrome are trained on living normal lives by overcoming social problems (Knippenberg, Patterson & Associates, 1). The socialization group under evaluation is the counseling group for the treatment of ADHD and other disabilities in children. Socialization groups extensively influence the members. The Knippenberg Patterson & Associates is a structured treatment group of children with disabilities. The counseling institutions have been encouraging parents with disabled children to register their children to this group. After screening of the members, they are categorized in the groups they fit in. Groups in this organization are determined by the complications these children may be having. Another strategy they employ is to find out the needs of children before they are enrolled. No institutions are currently contradicting this message or organization. This is because the organization, which maintains the groups, is non-profit. It is based on the objective of meeting the needs of the disabled children. I strongly support this group, as its objectives are clear: they desire to assist disabled children and teenagers acquire social skills, express pain, develop self-confidence, and cooperate with others. Moreover, the groups are non-profit. Hence, more parents with disabled children are able to connect with them. The organization is well ordered. It enables the participants overcome symptomatic characters such as silliness, poor self-image, and management of frustrations. These are exercised through continuous training, cognitive restructuring, and positive reinforcement (Knippenberg, Patterson & Associates, 2).

Socializing with this group has introduced me to different kinds of behavior challenges children and adolescents with anxiety disorders go through. I have therefore come to appreciate the different roles some of the organizations play. This group has broadened my understanding of a socialization group. Other than parents, counselors and other members greatly influence the participants. I have come to realize the different forms of socialization groups realized in the medical profession. This study has enabled me realize that the public plays a significant role in the management of the health institutions and provision of care to the underprivileged in the society.  I have therefore enrolled in one of the social groups in the region to assist children with speech problems. The public needs to be aware of the various roles every person can play in the improvement of the general health of the society. There is need to raise awareness on the existence of such organizations. This apprehension has compelled me to reach out to parents who may be having children and adolescent with social problems to come out and contact the organization. Since it is free, I have ensured that my neighborhood supports the organization. This has been through donations, attaining of more information on the issues and volunteering to assist the trainers and the counselors in the organization. I have undertaken to support the group since the task they are carrying out is noble. It is a calling to assist the helpless in the society. It is also a way of giving back to the society. By incorporating others in this message, I hope to broaden the hope for the hopeless in the society. Through this message, parents with disabled children are able to realize that their children can live and socialize normally with other people.

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