Sample Argumentative Essay on Need based Essay for Scholarship

Scholarship committee:

I understood the importance of education when I was very young boy. My parents did not get the opportunity of attaining a good education and as a result were not able to get jobs that could earn them decent salaries. As a result of financial difficulty that our family was facing, none of my siblings were able to attend university. Despite the fact that inadequate finances hindered us from getting quality education, my parents did their best in instilling in me the spirit of hard work and dedication.

My dream of attaining a degree has never died even with the many obstacles that I have faced in my life since I was young and until now. I am fifty three years of age and I have decided to enrol myself for a degree course in the university. Education is timeless and I believe that there is no age too old for education. My decision to join the university at this late age was inspired by a story of a eighty four years old man in Africa who decided to start first grade at such an old age. He saw the opportunity to achieve his desire to be educated when free education for middle school was introduced in his country. Just like the old man in Africa, I too would like to achieve my childhood dream of getting a university degree and hence I have decided to enrol to a university even though I am fifty three years old.

I was lucky enough to get a wife but our marriage did not last long. My wife and I got divorced because I could not afford to pay for her medical bills. I tried my level best to pay the much I could for my wife but as she continued being sickly, I was overwhelemed by the medical bills. As a result of the overwhelming medical costs, I lost everything. I lost my car, house, resources and the few belongings I had. After loosing everything and had no more resources to sustain me or pay for my wife medical cost, we therefore decided to get divorced.

After this trajic scenario in life and finally got a little money, I choose to further my education and graduate someday.  I have worked in electronics and entertainment industry. I have worked as a movie theater technician, in IMAX, IWERKS and commercial theaters. Currently I have been able complete three of my classes which includes critical thinking, algebra and psychology. Having completed these classes my current GPA is 4.0 and I believe my performance will improve for the best as I continue taking my classes. This is because I am determined and dedicating my time to my education in order to excel. I also believe that if I perform well and attain this level of education, I will be able to improve my life and many others who I will impact on positively using my knowledge either directly or indirectly. I therefore humbly request for your support in helping me achieve my childhood dream of becoming a graduate.

If awarded the scholarship, I will dedicate my time and the few resources I have to ensure that I put time and resources to the best use possible. In addition, when I finally finish my education and become more knowledgeable, I will ensure that I transform my life and of others who have faced the same misfortunes as me.


Yours sincerely