Sample Argumentative Essay Paper on Dentistry


Dentistry is a broad but worth it a career to venture in. the cost of studying dentistry is
sharply rising, and the prices to offer its services the dental profession has more benefits then
throwbacks. According to Gilavand (2016), a dentist has the chance to grow their careers since
the field is not overpopulated. Dentistry is the medical profession that involves the prevention
and treatment of oral diseases. It is practiced worldwide, and the medical practitioners have had
chances to grow and develop. There are various reasons why students should choose to study
dentistry. The job is unique and has low competition in the market.
Dentistry has various throwbacks, such as expensive to study and buy the required
machines for operations. However, the benefits of studying dentistry surpass the challenges and
make it worthy of choosing it as your career. According to Gilavand (2016), a dentist is given
respect and recognition in society. Their status improves once they graduate from the university
and have various opportunities both as employees and entrepreneurs. The professional also
involves the use of hands to perform tasks. Therefore, the career is not dull and does not include
a lot of paperwork, especially in clinics with an online system.
The dentist is also in control of the equipment, materials, and staff they can work with.
This is a beautiful feeling and motivates the individual. The dentist can be career independent
and does not have to wait for employment because patients pay a fair amount of money for
consultation. Another important reason is that the profession pays well and gives individuals
financial independence. The practitioner also builds long-term relationships with their clients and
can help them look and feel better. Dentistry allows people to look and feel good. It gives the
practitioner a satisfying feeling to see their patients happy. A student who is confused about

which career to pick should consider it because chances of regretting are a highly unlikely thing
to happen.


Dentistry is a unique job that many people enjoy worldwide. The branch of health stands
out amongst others because of its benefits. The professional allows intimacy and has a significant
impact on the lives of the patients. The mouth influences the confidence and general health of an
individual. A person with dental problems is likely to have issues while eating, drinking, and
talking. It affects the public opinion of a person. For example, if a person has a condition of
lousy odor, they will not be able to talk in front of people and prefer isolation to avoid
misjudgment. The look and shape of an individual's mouth are essential in their lives. This
protection contributes to building their confidence and love for themselves.
Reason for practicing dentistry
Help people boost their confidence and general health.
Dental treatment helps people in their lives. It relieves people of pain in their teeth's, therefore
enabling them to eat and drink well. Other dental problems include dental gum diseases and
cavities. These conditions affect a person's health significantly. They were treating dental
conditions to help in improving the quality of life. A medical practitioner gains satisfaction from
seeing the joy in their patients (Santos et al. 2013). The dentist is part of the treatment journey
because the patient must frequently visit their office for check-ups. Patient confidence is
improving, which improves their social life and makes them happier.
Lifelong relationships with patients

A dentist creates personal relationships with their patients. (Santos et al. 2013) pinpoints that the
dentistry career is not the same without close interactions. It is enjoyable, and individuals who
like meeting people enjoy it a lot. A dentist can witness people grow and watch them celebrate
their birthdays and holidays, wedding, and completion of their education in some of the patients.
The profession allows the patient to listen freely and talk to people, which is good therapy for the
streets. Some patients become parts of the dentist's life because they often meet. It allows the
dentist to build their support system, giving them the chance to grow emotionally and financially.
Financial independence
The career gives and individual financial dependence. According to (Gilavand et al. 2015),
financial independence should not be the main reason to pick the job. The income of a dentist
increases with the experience gained. The increase in revenue allows them to invest in other
businesses. To continue growing in the career, it is essential to re-invest the earnings back to the
company. For example, a dentist may decide to be re-investing 20% of their profits to buy more
effective and efficient machines. Their clients will be happy to good services leading to customer
Career dependence
The career offer career dependence because it offers higher incomes compared to other medical
fields. According to (Gilavand et al. 2015), a dentist may begin by being employed but open
clinic after a few years because of finances' availability. Being self-employed gives dentists the
freedom to choose where to work and how much to handle. The dentist is also in control of how
to use the finances in the enterprise. The practitioner can also choose t machines to use and when

to use them. It is essential to ensure that there is a necessary capital before opening a dentist's


Dentistry is one of the best careers an individual can select in medicine. It has various
challenges, but the benefits outweigh them. The disadvantage is studying dentistry is expensive,
therefore challenging to complete the cost. The equipment and necessary machines are also
costly. The benefits of financial independence which makes it worth to use a lot of finances to
study it. It creates personal relationships with the clients helping the dentist maintain good
mental health by sharing their experience with others. It gives them the chance to build on
customer loyalty. Dentistry is one of the cause people interested in medicine are likely not to
regret picking


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