Sample Art Coursework Paper on Chicago Urban Design

Chicago Urban Design

Chicago is one of the cities with spectacular urban design. From the arrangement of streets, architectural landmarks, architectural designs used in building, and the beautiful river that passes through the city, the entire design conveys a lot regarding the city. The idea of social purpose is conveyed in different ways within the city. Recreational parks where people can gather for fun are within the city and are easily accessible to the public. The design along the riverbanks portrays how much the need for environmental conservation and green space is taken into consideration. Besides social purposes, the parks within the city give the city the essence of green space.

From the streets and buildings in the city, it is quite evident that space is well utilized in the Chicago urban plan. Most of the streets have parkways, parking lanes, and driving ways that seem to be calculated uniformly. In addition, some streets have trees planted along the parkways and through this, maximum green space has been achieved in the city of Chicago. The driveways in Chicago are designed to give easy accessibility to private property from the public to avoid congestion in the city. Most buildings in Chicago city are story buildings and this ensures maximization of space within the city. For instance, the one-story building may include restaurants, shops, and offices among others. Most residential houses within the city are apartments thereby maximizing space within the city.

Finally, there are several landmarks in Chicago located at strategic places along the streets within the city with easy accessibility. One major landmark that even visitors may not fail to see is Willis Tower, which is visible from all points within the city. The spectacular architectural designs of Willis Tower and other towers make them more distinct in the city.