Sample Art Essay Paper on Comparative Analysis

Comparative analysis


Frida Kahlo, a renowned autobiographer, has extensively used the various peculiar charm of femininity, the mystical unprecedented twist and turns of life coupled with her vast elderly experience to relay her message in form of well defines art. The art work The Two Fridas which she accomplished in the year 1939 presents a clear indication of the placement of the feminine gender in the contemporary society. Nan Goldin, an American photographer is also renowned for her expression of the deepest and the innermost feelings about life and the hustle and bustle that life presents to the humanity.  She has also created an outstanding piece of art work called On the Beach that in general clearly co notates how the feminine gender has been perceived in the contemporary society. The two pieces of art revolves around the central them of gender. More specifically how the feminine gender has been figured out to be in the immediate context of the current society. In this essay an argument of comparison and instinctive contrast is on the piece of arts brought forward by these prolific artist is looked into. The fundamental precepts that these art tries to relay is discussed in invariable details. The big question one would ask himself is that what is the placement of the feminine gender in the contemporary society?

On the art, the two fridas by Kohler we see two deferent women sitting side by side. These two women are connected in their by a string. This simply indicates that these two women are one and the same person. It’s only that they are in different conditions the woman on the left side is quite sophisticated but gloomy and is quite in need of some freedom. This shows how married women are under the dictation of the men they call their husbands. On the other hand, On the Beach by Nan Goldin also presents two ladies who are one and the same person but in different world of feelings and thought. The lady on the right side is like in a trauma and stat of confusion, a sign that she has been abused by men who make a puppet of sex, uses her then dump her. The somber regretful moods depicted by the arts as outlined above clearly shows that the feminine gender has been an object of abuse

Additionally, the background of the art by Frida Kohler shows a cloudy ambience which clearly symbolizes a state of tension and strict anxiety in the room. On the other hand the art by Goldin has a background of a beach meaning a sunny and jovial ambience full of happiness.  These two instances still shows an adverse ambience of abuse since in Kohler’s picture; the women here are in tension according to the strictness that they are being impounded by their husbands maybe because of the brutality they face from them. In Kohler even though the women here are enjoying life, they are actually stuck in that life of depending on their spouses for everything they need. This in essence means that women in the contemporary society have become slaves to their men.

Furthermore the Kohler has shown the bleeding hearts in the two women to show that the women are really in an agonizing state but cannot air them out because of the restriction they get in their houses. On the other hand the jovial mood depicted by Goldin in his art is to depict that these individual women reduce their by partying a lot and maybe entering into drugs for the same purpose. In all these instances they all have the agony of being oppressed by their husbands. And that is where the feminine gender has been placed (subject)

Lastly, the clothes worn in the Kohler art is royal while those worn in Goldin’s art is for a commoner, but one thing for sure is that they are still suffering from the feminism problem. This clearly indicates that in as much as there might be the difference in the realm of wealth where there are people with money and serious wealth and also a range of people who are having no wealth, there treatment of women in these two circumstances are evidently the same.

From the contrast and comparison depicted, it is a true and astounding fact that the women in the society have been undermined; their rights have been derailed off them. The precepts outlined by the two arts clearly brings out the place of women in the society is to be a subject of men. It is now quite imperative to shun this type of oppression to the women and embrace the principles of equity for them to also enjoy the privileges that men do enjoy.  Goldin manages to bring this impunity stance in a setting of happiness while Kohler brings it forth in a somber mood again Goldin sets out art in a relatively poverty stricken setting while Kohler brings it out in a relatively wealthy setting.