Sample Art Essay Paper on Thematic


This is a thematic essay. All through history artists have used compositional arrangements to pass out their perceptions. There are specific organizational formulas and conventions to show religious and cultural ideas. In this study, three paintings from different periods have been used to relay the varying compositional elements. The paintings also describe how each strategy reflects the historical period that created it, the formula and the goal of each compositional arrangement.

Renaissance Arts

Renaissance is a form of art where new ideas have been incorporated to bring out liveliness in the work. Other than just bringing the culture and perception of the artist, these art pieces are used to show creativity. Created within the eighteenth century, these art pieces have been described as simple. In any art work, some elements are more conspicuous than others. Line has been used as the building blocks. It is also used to form complicated shapes in the composition. When lines are combined, shape is formed. Different forms of shape help to bring out varying forms. These can either be three dimensional or two dimensional. Black, white and other tones have been incorporated within the artwork. This helps to create contrast with every touch of extreme color. Color is an element that is used to differentiate lines, shapes and other elements. Balance as a principle is developed when colors, forms and textures are harmoniously put together. Unlike Baroque, renaissance has clear planes that stop at the depth; each vision is treated in isolation. These make the objects to appear discrete. There is contrast in color, outlines and contours. All these greatly contribute to linearity.

Baroque arts



This image falls under the Baroque arts. This was created in the Counter Reformation period. This art is a reflection of mannerisms and period of social turmoil. This artwork depicts the social status of the people. Through this form, the memories of these people were kept for ages. According to the religious traditions of the time, artwork was supposed to be obvious and comprehensible. The subject was supposed to be realistically understandable to rekindle holiness. Artists therefore turned to naturalism to embrace emotionality. The style of the period comprised of strong perspective effects, dramatic light and dark color, broken and agitated draperies. Movement was mostly upward with loose brushstrokes.

For emotional effect of the audience, the artists incorporated dense and detailed compositions with heavy impasto. Baroque arts consist of continuous figures which overlap. The figures of Baroque arts are perfectly combined through chiaroscuro which brings together the edges of each form. These arts seem to be projected out to the viewer. In this manner the viewer becomes is involved. In order to create meaning, Baroque art employs the use of light. Light is fetched from multiple places. Subject matter comprises of religious ecstasies, grandiose perceptions, intense light, strong outwards emotions and martyrdom.

Modern Art

This is an upgrade of the previous forms of artwork. It shows the artistic mastery of the work and the present technology. Other than sharing the emotion, the artist shares his creativity with the viewers. This form of art in addition to other values has esthetic value. This has been emphasized by the new philosophies which distinguishes fine art from the rest. The major features of the two are cultural adherence and moral standards.


Artwork has developed from the simple to the technically complex creations. Artists have managed to give the history of their periods through artwork. Each period has had its fair share of challenges and themes to be highlighted. From emotionalism to pure beauty artwork speaks volume of the people and of the period.