Sample Article on Locating service facilities to reduce lost demand


Summary of the Article Locating Service Facilities to Reduce Lost Demand

Competition in the market is taking a different approach with regards to the application of technology in businesses. The article is developed on the idea of the application of technology to business enterprises. One of the applications is cloud computing that helps the business to control network in the business. It enables sharing of data files and information between different computers which reduces the cost of operation (Marks and Lozano 18). Lower cost of operation helps the company to increase its competitive edge in the market.  Cost leadership is one of the factors that contribute to competitive advantage. From publication point of view, the article outlines the advantage of using cloud computing in a business organization. The company is in a position to serve its customers effectively because the system allows sharing of data between different department and with the customers. The article stresses on the localization and control of networks in an organization. This is possible with the application of cloud computing which is dependent on the organization size, technology portfolio, environmental strategy and organizational structure.

Business Research Model


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The research model of the paper is as follows.



Figure 1: represents the adoption of cloud computing in business organization

The process of adoption of cloud computing depends on the firm size, structural composition, competitors pressure, management support and complexity of the application. This will determine the success of the firm in the advent of competing for the limited opportunities in the market. The model emphasizes on the adoption of cloud technology for a business organization in order to reclaim the lost demand. This is possible through the connections the system provides in terms of customer accessibility to company’s information. The system will also update and store data, which promotes the use of recent information in making decisions by the entire company’s department. It will result to efficiency and effectiveness of the business activities.

Independent and Dependent Variables in the Model

Factors that affect the companies successive utilization of the modern technology comes from within and outside the firm’s premises. These factors are put into consideration when developing the company’s technology portfolio. Independent variables in this case include the organization structure while the dependent variable is the adoption of cloud computing (Sosinsky 23). Incorporation of the new technology will depend on the organization structure that is in place to support the application, which is largely competitive in nature. Environmental factors such as the competitive advantage and market pressure will determine the vigorous speeds at which the companies will uptake the adventure. A number of intervening variables contribute to the development of the system include the competitive environment and support from the company’s management.

How the Paper Could Be Used By Researchers and Practitioners

Researchers could use this paper to develop models that will best suite organization’s particular needs. He or she will use the information given to do further research on issues that may hinder the usage of this application. It is also helpful in the sense that researchers incorporate several ideas from this article to be able to conduct their business. Practitioners on the other hand will be in a position to understand the working of cloud computing application as he or she applies it in an organization structure.




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Figure 1: represents the adoption of cloud computing in business organization………………….2