Sample Article Paper on Integer Programming

Summary of the Article Integer Programming

Integer programming is one of the industrial applications that help in solving complex problems. The article explains the advantages of having integer programming in dealing with simultaneous programs that are installed to solve both complex and simple issues. The central idea of the article is on the application of integer programming in different circumstances. Therefore, managers are able to make decision on many issues including resource assignment, auction design, scheduling, planning and supply chain design using the program. Linear programming is one of the programs that is utilized by decision makers in coming up with formidable solutions. Items in the program take a numerical value which is evaluated using constraints (Lee and Vygen 33). The objective function on the other hand simulates the variables giving solution to the ordeal. An example of the decision to be made in business enterprise may be on the feasibility of locating an industry having three options at hand. Using integer programming one will be in a position to determine the appropriate location for the business.

Conceptual Model 

The conceptual models are developed to outline the process of utilizing these programs to come up with an accurate conclusion.





Figure1: represents the integer programming process in making decision.

The figure above illustrates the available different choices that are applicable to a business enterprise in making crucial decision concerning various activities to be undertaken by employees. Integer programs are in a position to execute difficult problems through various means that is dependent on the variables developed. However, it takes a lot of time to execute the ordeal. Linear program on the other hand uses variables in determining optimal solution for a given circumstances. Linear relaxation formulates integers into different values that can be executed simultaneously and with little time. All these programs affect the scheduling or any other issues in the organization that managers are struggling with when carrying out their duties.

Independent and Dependent Variables

Variables are very crucial in the process of forming simulation to be executed by these programs in the advent of creating a solution to enable the organization attains its goals and objectives. The independent variable in this case is represented by the integer program while the dependent variable is linear programming. These two programs go hand in hand with each other in making a simultaneous solution to a problem. Linear relaxation is a formation of linear program which facilitates the execution of multiple problems leading to optimal solution.

Researchers and Practitioners Use of the Paper

Researchers can apply this paper in carrying out their businesses. They make use of the simulation process to inculcate and invent new way of solving problems. Complex application of certain simulation is extremely important and crucial to organization activities that employees undertake on a daily basis. Bounding and branching of the integer program May presents a situation that may lead to organization inefficiency. This triggers the curiosity of the researchers in finding alternative means to be applied in organizations. Practitioners on the other hand will use the paper to understand more about integer programming. This helps in the event they wish to install the application in an organizational set up. Valuably, they may also utilize the information provided to make changes to the existing programs that are inefficient in the delivery program. This undertaking is essential for business welfare.







































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