Sample Article Review on CURRENT and EVENTS Related to HR

CURRENT and EVENTS Related to HR

General Motors is set to replace the directors that are managing communications, as well as human resources. This is attributable to the company struggling with a chain of recalls that have brought about congressional trials and federal inquiries. On this note, communications boss, Selim Bingol, along with the director of HR, Melissa Howell, are set to leave General Motors to undertake different concerns. The present human resource (HR) manager, John Quattrone, has replaced Melissa, but the company is yet to announce the person to replace Selim (, 2014). The alterations took place with an instant effect. General Motors is in the middle of a calamity concerning the wellbeing of a number of its earlier models of motor vehicles, encompassing over 2 million small vehicles across the globe that have been called back reinstating defective ignition switches.

Shockingly, a minimum of thirteen deaths have been associated with the switch setback with the family members of the victims claiming that the death toll is more than the reported one. The problem with the switches is that they could suddenly slide from the “run” state to “accessory” or “off” thus halting the power-backed steering, footbrake, and airbags. In this state, the vehicles turn out hard to steer, and many drivers have found themselves off the roads while some drivers have bumped into oncoming vehicles. Nevertheless, General Motors’ spokesperson, Greg Martin, affirmed that the callbacks are not associated with the replacement of Selim and Melissa (, 2014). On the contrary, Martin linked the callbacks to the Chief Executive Officer, Mary Barra, who took her position in February, carrying out her own hires in major positions. General Motors praises Selim for directing the company’s communications in a triumphant Initial Public Offering (IPO) in late 2010, following the emergence of the company from bankruptcy protection.

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