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Technology is regarded as a powerful force in the growth of civilization. It is considered an essential part of a cultural system and it models and reveals the system’s values. Currently, technology is considered a complex societal enterprise that constitutes research, design as well as crafts. In order to encompass designers of all ages and to address the rapidly increasing changes that occur across disciplines, it is important to first understand that despite the cultural diversity, the new and the old guards are equally very important, as both may be innovative in a particular way. In pursuing the most recent and the best, young engineers should not ignore the opportunities in the less-sexy areas of tech, such as the semiconductors, data storage as well as networking, which are the products that form the foundation on which all the Web 2.0 rest because it helps them expound their general knowledge of design.

Designers of all age groups should focus on being more innovative and not just aiming at working for a sexting app. It is not always about the excitement and prestige of working at a sexting app, but about what skills one is gaining and how innovative one is. The talents in a company normally depend on how innovative the workforce is. It is wrong to assume that the talent at the older corporations is below an average level and less technically skillful than at the newer companies. For recruitment purposes, companies should always recruit on the basis of how skillful a job applicant is. This will enable designers of all ages to get the chance of sharing their innovative ideas. However, as stated in the article, designers should realize that the marketplace is very competitive and one should be cautious on whether his/her idea is industry-disruptive or significant.