Sample Assignments : Memo on Final Report

Assignment 1: Memo on Final Report

Date: January 22, 2017



Re: My topic for the final project

After evaluating the two topics that you have provided for the final project, I have settled on the second topic. As far as this topic is concerned, I would like to research how the Canadian Salvation Army would improve the support services it offers to the new comers that settle in Canada for the first time. I worked at the institution as a volunteer and I was fascinated by their good work. However, I noted some areas that needed to be improved, and I would like to conduct a research on those areas and write a report on how they can be improved.

Right now, the question that comes to my mind concerning the issue is whether new comers served by the institution are satisfied with the services they receive or not. In my own understanding, I think assignment 6 asks me to look at the issue, conduct a research on the satisfaction of the new comers with the services and evaluate the possible ways of improving the services. Once I have done this, assignment 6 further requires me to write a report on new comers’ experiences with Salvation Army and how the experience can be improved.

In my own understanding, a report is a document that addresses a particular matter. In this case, my report will address the issues that face new comers at Salvation Army and how these issues can be improved. Its focus will be to help Salvation Army’s officials to improve their services. Consequently, once I complete the report, it is my hope that I will have addressed the issue at hand and provided a solution to it. This will make it possible for you to identify the challenges that new comers experience at Salvation Army and the way the challenges can be handled differently.



Assignment 2: Direct Claim Letter

537 Dan forth Street

Toronto, Ontario

Tel. 289 345-8866

23rd January, 2017


Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

The Customer Service Department

925 Bloor St W

Toronto, Ontario, M6H 1L5


Dear sir/madam,

On 18th January 2017, I purchased an Arius Digital Piano; model YDP 143 R for $1,369.99 from your Toronto based store. I was issued with a receipt and a two-year warrant document specifying the terms and conditions of the warrant. I was assured that your technical experts would be there for me in case of an unforeseen eventuality.

Unfortunately, on arriving home and playing the piano in two separate incidences, I noticed with a lot of concern that two notes did not play at all. Although your sales representative and I tested the piano before I took it from your store, I did not notice this problem. For the last two days, I have tried to reach your sales manager via the telephone number provided on the warrant document. The telephone rings, but no one picks it. Yesterday early in the morning, I emailed the sales manager, but I have not received any response from him. I am disappointed with your poor communication channels.

As you have indicated on the warrant document, please send your technical expert to my place of residence as soon as possible. I need this problem fixed before February 1, 2017 because I am preparing for an annual event to be held mid-February. If the problem will not be fixed by the date I have indicated, I might lose the opportunity to participate in the annual event.

Kindly contact me via my mobile telephone 289 345-8866. Let me know when the expert will come and whether the deadline for fixing the problem will be met or not. I do not have a spare piano or a place to practice for the annual event. I will appreciate your immediate response. Thank you.

Assignment 3: Claim Refusal Email

Full name and Title

Organization department

Organization name

Mailing address

Thank you for emailing me about your lost backpack and asking for compensation. Our institution highly regrets the loss of your backpack together with your class materials. As an institution, we endeavor to ensure that our guests and their personal belongings are safe during their stay in the institution. In line with this practice, we have put the necessary mechanisms to secure our institution.

One of the mechanisms is to advice our guests to protect their belongings during their stay in the institution. It is my strong belief that as you entered the main gate you found a neatly placed notice advising you as a guest to protect your belongings. If you remember, the notice informed you that the institution would not be liable for the loss of your personal belongings during your stay in the institution. You were particularly encouraged to protect your personal belongings. If you did not find this notice, I am sorry for you, but the notice is placed in an open place that attracts public attention.

I am confident that your next experience with our institution will be favorable. Kindly feel free to contact our security department via this email to see whether they have found such a backpack. If the security department has not found such a backpack, kindly leave your contact details with them. They might contact you in the future in case they come across it. In the meantime, kindly feel free to use our facilities as you have done before. You may request if you wish a price discount for our upcoming training service. This discount is only for our esteemed customers like you thereby I feel obliged to extend the offer to you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Assignment 4: Progress Memo Report

Date: January 22, 2017



Re: Progress Memo Report on my Final Report


This memo is in response to your request for the progress that I have made toward completing the final project. The purpose of the memo is to provide you an overview of what I have done in preparation for the final project. After reading this memo, I am confident that you will be able to identify the steps that I have taken to complete the final project thereby you will be able to advise me accordingly.

Audience and Focus

The audiences for my final project will be the members of the staff that serve new comers at the Canadian Salvation Army. As I indicated earlier on my first memo, I worked at the institution as a volunteer and identified areas that need to be improved. Consequently, the purpose for my final report will be to outline how the members of staff at the institution can improve the services they offer to new comers.

Details and work plan  

Sources: So far, I have evaluated a number of sources on the topic. However, I have not settled on particular authors because I am still in the process of looking for sources. This notwithstanding, I will utilize EBSCO information database and ProQuest database to search for sources.

Work plan: In the meantime, I need to develop the questionnaire that I will use to collect the data from research participants who will be the new comers at Salvation Army. After developing the questionnaire, I need to interview the research participants and analyze the data. I expect to be through with developing the questionnaire by the end of next week. Then start collecting the data immediately. The process of collecting data will take two weeks. Later on, I will start working on the final project. I expect the final document to be ready in six weeks’ time from now.

A tentative outline

The final report will have a title page; a transmittal letter; a table of content; an executive summary; a body that contains figures and the results of the study; a reference page; and an appendix.


So far, I do not know the type of figures and graphs that I should include in my final projects. Perhaps, you could help me on this issue. Thank you for your guidance this far.


 Assignment 5: Short Report

A Report on Humber Computer Labs

Computer lab facilities

Humber College is one of the public universities in Canada. The college boasts of a high number of students from different backgrounds. It also boasts of offering over 150 programs across its forty fields of study. Most of these programs are offered electronically while others are offered on computers. To a great extent, most of the Humber College’s computer labs facilities used to offer the programs are of good quality. However, as a person that uses the lab on a regular basis, I would like to bring three problems about the lab to your attention and recommend what should be done about the problems.


The first problem with the lab is that the internet has of the late been slow. This has in a way resulted to congestion in the lab because majority of the lab users spend more time than they used to spend before. It has also resulted to inefficiency. The second problem is that owing to the high number of student intake witnessed lately and slow internet connection, the lab is usually congested most of the time. The third problem is that during summer time, the lab tends to be extremely hot during the day.

Effects of the problem

In terms of effects, the slow internet together with the high student intake has resulted to congestion in the lab. The congestion is as a result of the longer time that lab users spend downloading and uploading their documents as well as accessing electronic materials. It is also as a result of the high number of lab users that do not have personal computers and laptops. The summer season makes the lab uninhabitable during the day. It may even destroy some of the computer devices in the lab. The three problems have downgraded the status of the lab and they might downgrade it further. They have even affected the efficiency of most of the students that use the lab frequently. As a result, the problems need to be fixed as soon as possible. Failure to fix the problems will affect the university’s rating during the upcoming rating event to be held in the mid-June.

Possible solutions

In order to address the problems, it would be important for you and the lab management team to do the following. Firstly, it would be important for you and your team to consider installing a faster internet. Inasmuch as this exercise would be a bit costly, it would reduce congestion in the lab. Secondly, it would be important for you and your team to consider putting up another lab in one of your empty rooms. This would be an extension of the current lab, but you would require more computers and other facilities. Thirdly, it would be important for you and your team to consider installing the lab with air conditioners to cool it and make it habitable and less harmful to computer devices.


In relation to the above solutions, kindly consider installing faster internet and air conditioners. The issue of expanding the lab may come later. In the meantime, the faster internet and air conditioners would reduce congestion at the moment and make the lab habitable.