Sample Astronomy Essay Paper on Bodies in Space

Bodies in Space


A black hole is a compressed mass in space that has so much gravity that even light is pulled by it. Black holes are observed in space and contrary to the name, they are not black in color as they are constantly absorbing matter into them. Black holes are formed by the death of stars whose mass is on average three times that of the sun. The star will explode what is called a supernova and from there it will collapse on its own weight. Black holes emit X-rays and this is one of the reasons that they are visible. Light will also be observed streaming into it. There are different types of black holes and they are categorized according to their mass, matter surrounding them, and their speed of rotation.

A wormhole is a feature in space thought to act as a tunnel between space and time and is thought that it could be used in the future for space travel. The existence of wormholes has not yet been proven and Einstein had hypothesized that they would collapse too soon for any practical application. Not all wormholes are large, some are microscopic in size.Scientists believe that the presence ofExotic matter, which contains a large amount of negative energy matter in wormholes could enable space travel. The presence of alternate, parallel realities is thought to be possible due to observations of matter being in two states. A small strip of metal when plucked has been observed to vibrate and remain stationery at the same time. The observation of alternate realities would mean that there was a method for time travel to the past and the future since observations are made through light transcending from one reality to another.