Sample Augmentative Essay on Sustainability


Question 1

Peace sustainability in the Middle East is a key regional issue that concerns me, and I would want to see this addressed with the attention it deserves. Looking at this issue critically, one will realize that majority of the states in the Middle East are ever at war with their neighboring states and if not warring with their neighbors, then there is a global peace-related issue in the region. The latest issue witnessed in the region relates to Yemen. Earlier on, we had the Syrian issue and from an outside outlook, all terror related issues are in one way or the other related to Middle East (Oswald, Brauch, & Tidball, 2014). As a peace-loving citizen, I am concerned about this issue because we are likely to witness such issues in the future.

Question 3

After returning from the conference, I would like to commence a peace initiative program in the region with an aim of establishing a long lasting solution on the peace instability issue. Despite the fact that right now I might not be able to do much on this issue at a national level, I will start at a local level with an aim of advancing this initiative at a later stage. In this respect, I plan to start a peace initiative program at our university with the aim of teaching the young generation the importance of living in harmony with one another. My intention is to mobilize funds from local organizations so that we as a group of university students can visit various high schools and local towns frequently to promote peace, as well as urge people in these towns to live in peace with one another (Vanetik & Shalom, 2013). I believe that doing this will go a long way in enabling people living in the Middle East to live in peace with one another. In addition, I believe that this will transform the minds of the new generation, so that they will not take part in terror activities. At the same time, I plan to initiate a peace initiative blog in the Arabic language so that I can extend this message to the people living in other parts of the Middle East. In order to promote this blog, I intend to use Facebook and Twitter accounts for the peace initiative program that I will launch. With the help of these accounts, I will attract many young people in the region to become members of the program and urge them to promote peace wherever they live.

Question 4

As a potential future leader in the Middle East, I would like to gain some leadership skills so that I can apply them in my peace initiative program. More specifically, I would like to know what leaders in the region can do differently, so that peace and tranquility can prevail in the region (Lemons, Westra, & Goodland, 1998). From the previous summits, I have learned that some of the invited guests that I aspire to meet in my lifetime attend these summits. In relation to the fact that I aspire to make a change in the Middle East, I would like to meet these people so that my leadership skills can be enhanced by interacting with the leaders that will be at the summit. More importantly, I would like to hear their first hand responses on peace sustainability issue in the Middle East and how this issue can be addressed. At the same time, I would like to interact with potential leaders from other parts of the world so that I can develop my leadership skills.


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