Sample Book Review on Interpersonal Conflict in Film

Interpersonal Conflict in Film

Interpersonal conflict is common in many relationships. Indeed, it is something that is inevitable in cases where more than two individual conflict over something. At times, the disagreements may be due to misunderstanding, which results from miscommunication. Therefore, miscommunication will always happen in our lives, especially when we get into intimate relationships. According to Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm), Films Media Group (2009), in many scenarios, it becomes hard to avoid such interpersonal conflicts because it is our weakness as human beings. This is because most times people tend to assume that someone said something when in the actual sense it is not the case. People may have heard something wrongly, which causes the conflict. This paper will focus on the interpersonal conflict in the film Hitch (2005)

I chose the film Hitch to examine interpersonal conflicts in films. The apparent interpersonal conflict that stands out in the film is lack of communication. Two people who end up forming an intimate relationship with each other experience interpersonal conflict. As learned before, clarity in communication is imperative in receiving or giving information. In the film, rather than giving each other a chance to communicate so that there would be no misconception about how they understood each other, the two individuals continue to have scenarios where conflict is brooded (Mordaunt & Tadross, 2005). If Hitch and Sara understood the purpose and significance of communicating effectively, there would be no conflict between the two. Instead, they would have given each one a chance to explain their intention to each other, and discuss each other’s occupation in an open manner to avoid the feelings of hatred and deceit.

Hitch in the film takes the character of a confident man with the capability to assist any man to get a woman depending on his golden rule concerning women. For instance, Hitch has confidence in how he deals with other peoples relations and not the way he handles his own relationship. This is illustrated in the past relationship he had before. Conversely, Sara is lonely but very confident. Therefore, due to the lack of confidence that Hitch has on his relationship and Sara’s super confidence, there is a clash between them (Mordaunt & Tadross, 2005). The clash could have been simple to sort out if they took time to hearken to each other and get to understand each other’s point of view. After communicating, they understand each other and realize that they are contently comfortable with each other.

In the film, communication conflict between Sara and Alex commenced when they attended the food event. In that instance, Sara tries hard to get information on how Hitch got the tickets to the event yet he had nothing to do with it. At the same time, Sara, who is a gossip columnist, tries to disclose information useful to her column as Hitch, on the other hand, reacts to the food due to allergy. This implies that if Hitch paid attention to what he was eating rather than spar with Sara, he could have easily noticed that he was not supposed to eat what was on the menu due to the impacts of allergy (Mordaunt & Tadross, 2005). Miscommunication to Sara concerning his allergies would reduce the chances of food allergy affecting him.

Another instance of miscommunication is when Sara notices that Hitch had been the ‘Date Doctor’. As a result, Sara abides by the idea of her pal’s misfortune with a man who contended that Hitch had set them for a whole night of standing. As per the fact, this was not the truth. Therefore, lack of communication made them to understand each other differently, something that could have been solved easily if the two communicated effectively.


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