Sample Book Review on Perspectives on Marriage

Perspectives on Marriage

Marriage is a partnership between two or more people the covenant to stay as wife and husband who should abide by covenant between them. Marriage beliefs vary in different societies some believing in polygamy and monogamy among the few. A study was carried out to examine different perspectives on marriage in different quotas. By picking chapter one, part one of perspective of marriage third edition by Kieran Scott and Michael Warren, meaning of marriage shall be examined. Michael. G. Lawler explains in details the meaning of marriage. He is both a professor of theology and a dean at Creighton University and has a vast knowledge in book writing.

Other books written by the author include; Sacrament of service and Raid on the inarticulate among others. Michael’s challenge was to give clarification to Christian families on the meaning of marriage. Michael had a feeling that the church dwelt much in spreading the gospel and had forgotten to look in the needs of couples in the church as far as Christianity and spirituality is concerned.

In reviewing the arguments of the author in this chapter I would concur with author’s views on the meaning of marriage. This is because family issues or relationships are not discussed in churches for majority hold the view that church is a sacred place meant for gospel or spiritual purposes. The author discussion on the topics; giving way, conjugal spirituality and Christian marriage has greatly contributed to my knowledge and understanding of marriage as a sacred union (Lawler pg. 56-65). The author argument on balancing between spirituality and relationship in marriage is important. Christian couples should view spirituality and marriage as two inseparable things brought by mutual understanding. This will not deter them from serving God and also attending to their family issues.

The other author remembered for contributing to understanding of perspectives of marriage is Bernard Cooke. Cooke was a lecture and founder of doctorate program in theology at Marquette University. Cooke wrote a wide range of books which include Christian symbol and ritual and the distancing of God among others.

Further insight was sought by studying chapter four of part two where Cooke’s work was used. In Cooke’s book on Christian marriage chapter on basic sacrament, he explains the role of each partner in a union and how they should relate to each other.

Cooke points out the need for mutual respect in a family. Said respect in family shows respect for the almighty and commitment to spiritualty because family is a blessing from God. Cooke strongly advocates and explains the role of a woman in the family and church. Cooke advocated for change in the structures of the church to include women. By writing on this chapter, Cooke wanted to discourage excluding women in church matters. Cooke wanted to explain the role of women in the society and their ability to serve God in certain positions like men. Cooke believed in constructive discussions in order to bring change in the ministry (Scott and Michael pg. 63-71). Cooke used personal examples to elaborate the contribution of women to Christianity and family issues.

Cooke’s arguments on this topic is important in recognising the contribution of women to Christian and family. I support the author view of family and contribution of women to family matters and spirituality. Women should be viewed as partners in order to address issues in family and church. Their role in spreading the gospel and taking care of families should be appreciated. This is driven by the reason that both male and female contribute equally to the progress of the society

Chapter eight of part three which dwells much on the meaning and understanding of marriage was studied. Born in 1942 and currently an associate professor of Religious education and Theology, Kieran Scott is well vast on matters Religion and family affairs. He is a reputable scholar who has written many books on religion aspects. His books include; the new man and male identity, human sexuality in the Catholic tradition and Perspectives on marriage just to mention a few. Kieran Scott views on cohabitating and marriage as a life process gives an insight on the changes and transformation experienced or compared between early and modern perspectives about marriage.

The author acknowledges the fact that in modern world marriage has been infused to commercial affairs with events changing and dowry payments being settled in monetary form contrary to the past.

Moreover, the emergence of the same sex ideology that is marriage rights granted to gays and lesbians is something the author observes and acknowledges is integrated in modern world although not in all cultures. The authors purpose in this piece is to try and enlighten the society that indeed changes about marriage are here and it is upon the people to embrace them.

He paints the picture that is universal in all life aspect and social-economic changes affect religious aspects in the society (Scott &Michael pg. 41-47). This chapter is informative since it enlightens one that there is more to marriage than just the ceremony in church witnessed by congregation. Mutual understanding and treating each gender equally are among the basic aspects the author rates best in any thriving marriage. Based on the facts that he clearly points out the modern issues on marriage and shows that indeed these changes are already integrated in the society, I totally agree with him in his findings.

On the study list is chapter ten of part three which explores the meaning of marriage on two minds. The author has great interest in marriage and affairs associated and affecting it. Being a professor of theology at Boston college school of Theology and Ministry, Edward Vacek is well equipped to study and give detailed analysis on understanding of marriage in different societies. Love, Human and Divine, Faithfulness & Fortitude and Agape, Eros, Gender are among the books written by Edward Vacek.

The author examines how certain morals or aspects which were not acceptable in some years back have become not only part of the society but also churches. Mostly he dwells on homosexuality where he clearly sets the records straight that he is not in support but he acknowledges many countries have accepted these new marriage cultures and it would be naive to deny. Like many other scholars, he observes that changes in marriages have rapidly grown with new views and aspects emerging with time. Homosexuality in modern days is accepted with even emergence of churches overseeing these marriages.

The author’s purpose in this piece is to bring to the attention of the society that more changes are bound to happen in future history has proven. He somehow bows to the fact that change is inevitable and will definitely have its way when time is due. I would not hesitate to concur with the views of Edward Veck since they clearly compare the past changes and put into perspective that things are bound to change in future. The emerging insight in this context is that the final decision lies on individuals who have the final capacity to determine their destiny. This is influenced by the fact that when there is change, it is a personal decision to accept or continue with their normal ways of doing things.

Last but not least part four chapter nineteen is reviewed. This is the work of Robert Johnson, a writer and psychotherapist. Johnson has authored many book on romance and psychology namely; Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love and Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth among others. Johnson intentions for writing this chapter was to explain meaning of falling in love and what is expected of those involved. Johnson explains challenges of romance and love and how to stick together in order to achieve the intention of love or romance. Contrary to layman’s understanding of romance and love Johnson explains the meaning of love and romance from psychosocial point of view. Johnson argues the need to understand our inner feelings in building romance that is intended to materialize to marriage. Johnson recognizes the role of a woman in the general wellbeing of a human being. Said women and man ought to have mutual understanding and work together in love in order to achieve harmony and success. Relationship should be built by two people who are committed and love each other unconditionally.

In reviewing Johnsons’ arguments I totally agree with the views. In order to attain maturity in any relationship there should be understanding from both sides. Understanding of romance is important especially to young people who will form the next generation. This chapter has enabled me to understand meaning of being in love with love. Romance is a two way traffic and those in love should respect and understand each other weakness. They should appreciate each other weakness and complement each other because none is perfect. In conclusion understanding marriage and Christianity is important for mutual coexistence of relationships.





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