Sample Book Review on “The Clouds” by Aristophanes

“The Clouds” by Aristophanes

The play “The Clouds” by Aristophanes provides a dramatic play on the need to reconcile education and science to the lives of the people. The play reflects the major conflicts in the ancient society that included religion and science (Aristophanes, John and Judith 23). Since, it describes the belief on different gods that characterized the ancient society. The play is set on a different world from my current world because of the enormous gap. During the setting of the plays, people were still practicing rituals and initiations ceremonies. Such practices and rituals are not practiced today. In addition, the period lacked modern technologies including mobile phones and thus, passing a message involved the use of messengers and letters. Thus, the play depicts a world characterized by ancient rituals and practices that different to the current technology world. I would stage the play as drama based on ancient practices. Drama involves comic instances that keep the audience attentive for the entire drama play. Such a stage would be suitable for the play as most of the parts of the plays involve comic characters and different symbols.

The play is worth to the modern audience due to the major themes developed by the play. The play emphasizes on reconciliation of science and religion. Today, religion and science have conflicted in many occasions. Thus, the play would make it relevant to resolve the conflicts by educating people on how to integrate education into their lives. The strengths that can be noted from the play are the ability to relate the themes on the current and future generations. As it can be seen, themes of the plays are significant in both the past and current society (Aristophanes, John and Judith 41). Nevertheless, the weakness of the play involves the lack of current elements and perspectives in the play. This affects the relevance of the play in the modern society. Throughout the play, the playwright was trying to emphasize on the reconciliation of science and religion in the society.



















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