Sample Book Review Paper on Sustainability


The lifestyles and operations of the current era are not considering the life of tomorrow. People are living in this world as if they are no other generations that will come after the current one. The environment is being subjected to various kinds of pollution and inefficient use of the available limited resources. With the current environment degradation, it’s evident that in the future it will not be able to cater fully for the needs of the coming generations. However, there are minimal efforts that are globally made through various agencies and regulations towards reducing the negative human environmental effects.

Sustainability is a broad term which requires to be viewed from different perspectives in order to ascertain its meaning. Sustainability can be described as living to the abilities of the environment in terms of resources that it provides without the threat of depletion or pollution such that it possesses the ability of self regeneration over a period of time. This should have a diversified and direct link to the economy, society and the environment itself. Also, Sustainability can be defined as the ability of the ecosystem to support a long-term balance in regard to the economy, society and the environment (Robinson, 2012). Simply Sustainability is the state of balance between human consumption rate of resources and the regeneration rate of the resources by the environment. For effective stay on the earth sustainability should be highly considered.

It is an ideal decision for companies and people at large to consider promoting sustainable development in their environment of operation. This will cater for our future which highly depends on the decisions that we take today. This can be interpreted by considering current scenarios in regard to the people’s ways of living. For instance, if people continue polluting or wasting water as they have been doing; in future they will be no clean fresh water for consumption.  Also, if they continue using fuel as a source of energy which releases green house gases to the atmosphere, then the climate will eventually change and bring upon its adverse effects like diseases on the future generations (Robinson, 2012). Therefore, good lifestyles in the environment will lead to creation of a balanced environment whereby the available resources will fully cater for the immediate needs over an undefined period which definitely will promote a health living on the world.

Companies and other organizations should lead in advocating sustainability on the environment. This should be accomplished through practicing safe production and manufacturing processes. They should employ efficient business and production strategies that will lead to efficient use of resources and minimized harm to the environment. Companies and other organization should also ensure that their internal environment is conducive for their employees and further extend its responsibility to the societal level. They should take part in initiatives that will enable the companies to be responsible for their negative effects to the environment and the societal welfare. This will be done through proper treatment of the wastes that they release from their operational areas, voluntary hazard elimination, community development, social education awareness, and philanthropic initiatives among others.

Companies which engage in corporate social responsibilities are likely to lead into innovativeness and creativity. These organizations, as a result of formulating ways of promoting sustainability create opportunities for creation of new products. Also, they end up reducing their costs through efficient use of resources. For example, General Mills is expected to cut down their energy costs by 20%. In reference to the company’s 2011 CSR report, the installation of energy monitoring meters on its Covington, Ga. plant equipments, the company saved $600,000 (“General Mills 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report – Reports on,” n.d.). This is a great achievement in relation to sustainability.  The employees and customers will ultimately have the chance to be engaged in various processes and inspect some of the company’s products. They will benefit from different forms of information in relation to product selection is concerned.

However some companies engage in ‘Green Washing” to blind the public with intentions of creating a good public image. This is a situation whereby, companies mislead the public and other oversight authorities by claiming some environmental benefits of certain services, technology, products or company practices. These companies usually tend to appear more environmentally friendly than they really are. This gives them a competitive advantage which they don’t deserve at all. These actions are against the companies’ ethical values among which requires them to act in accordance to high levels of honesty, integrity, and transparency. Therefore, to discourage this issue, any company found giving these false allegations should be legitimately penalized.

In the recent times most registered corporations are integrating sustainability objectives in their main goals. This is a great achievement and contribution to sustainability. They are focused at creating green businesses which will include effective utilization of the non-renewable resources.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft corporation is a among the best performing companies as far as sustainability is concerned. According to their 2014 Citizenship Report, Microsoft has engaged in many responsible activities that are aimed at creating a conducive and sustainable environment for its workers and the society. They are active members in community service programs which are collectively intended to promote sustainability. For example in 2014 the workers’ contributions towards nonprofit organizations and activities amounted to $1 billion (“Microsoft Corporation – Corporate Social Responsibility News, Reports and Events –,” n.d.).

Microsoft is working closely with other stakeholders like partners, customers, nonprofit organizations and government among others in solving the world’s environmental problem by the application of high levels of technology. According to Microsoft’s environmental principles, there is great emphasis on environmental conservation through recycling and re-use processes. It conserves the limited natural resources by recycling materials; efficient energy use and involvement in re-use programs for Microsoft products. For many years Microsoft has been engaging in development of sustainable and safe products for the various intended uses.  Also, the company is consistently committed at improving their performances. The company objectives are continually changed and stretched to higher levels with the aim of raising the standards of its performance. The employees’ efforts in promotion of sustainability are highly recognized and highly appreciated.

Microsoft being a worldwide software and electronic business entity, it is committed in ensuring that its products and services are well appreciated by its customers through provision of sustainable quality and environmental friendly products. Among its goals is the achievement of high sustainability in terms of their products and services (“Microsoft Citizenship Reporting | Download 2014 Citizenship Report,” n.d.). These great contributions to the attainment of sustainability, makes it a responsible corporation.

In the Current world, people are not showing high commitments towards the issue of sustainability. They are using resources inefficiently without considering the future effects of those behaviors. However, there are few companies and business entities like Microsoft that really minds of tomorrow. They are working tirelessly in trying to create a sustainable world. Therefore, we should be responsible through efficient use of the limited and scarce natural resources and also, engage in sustainable programs in case we have to care for tomorrow.
















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