Sample Business Case Study on Ann Lyman’s Proposal

Ann Lyman’s Proposal

In order to convince other managers from the engineering, production and purchasing departments that expanding the company’s product line is the best move to make, Ann needs to use appropriate strategies. These will include use of reason and reciprocity. This is because Ann and the other department managers are on the same level of management and therefore it would be hard to simply force them to do something.

Reciprocity is a power strategy where the influencer does her level best to convince the other party of his ideas ‘benefits. This strategy is appropriate in this situation because the parties involved are department, which depends on each other. Therefore for Ann’s goal to be achieved, the other departments have to participate willingly and not by force. Another reason why Ann should use reciprocity is that each department in the organization have resource that is valuable and is needed for the achievement of this goal.

Reason is another strategy that can be used. It is where one uses his/her power to demonstrate to the other party why they should adopt his/her ideas. It is appropriate in this scenario because all the departments involved have one common goal and that is the company’s goal of being more competitive. Therefore, with proper reasoning from Ann, they will be able to see the benefits of the end results and maybe adopt the idea of expanding the product line.

To implement the above strategies, Ann should use flexibility and relevance. Flexibility will allow other departments to give their opinion and this will make them feel part and parcel of the change. Relevance on the other hand will ensure that resources and time are directed towards achievement of the set objectives.