Sample Business Case Study on Better Working Ways by Google

Better Working ways by Google

Google is one of the immensely popular web search engines. Millions of the world’s population use Google on a daily basis. To keep the company prosperous, Google has not only employed but also devised ways to motivate its employees. The company’s philosophy states, “You can be serious without a suit” (Doyle, 2005). This explains that the company is not inclined to any particular dress code hence comfortability during working periods. Another motivation is freedom, as the company allows employees to bring their dogs to work for purposes of keeping them company throughout the day.

The company has a volleyball game outside, at noon each day, the workers go out to play thus not only aids in keeping everyone fit but also builds a spirit of teamwork. The company too puts its employees first when it comes to daily working life. The company also ensures proper treatment of its employees; the former has a fantastic on-site cafeteria that serves gourmet meals of every kind, free of charge. Besides these, the company has invested in its employees in another exciting way. Every year, Google takes all its employees on an all-expenses-paid ski trip.

Based on the material in the previous chapter, Google can consider adding other activities to enhance its employees’ motivation. Such activities may include; inclusion of bonus program in that the employee who performs exemplary well gets a bonus payment-the additional payment on the basic salary. Other motivation should be 24/7 access to work mainly to lure employees who would like to work part-time. Apart from Volleyball, Google should consider introducing other sporting activities. Various employees enjoy different games.

However, these additional activities may have some limitations. For instance, the bonus program may make the employees be money inspired as opposed to loving the work they do. This program is likely to be useful in areas of competition. The 24/7 access to work is likely to be effective for employees working on a part-time program (Lauby, 2005). Introduction of many sporting activities might tend to make the employees more relaxed, therefore, reducing work effectiveness.

Moreover, the company should emphasize on the continual enhancement of its operations in order to remain dominant in the world of search engines. The company too should strengthen and expand its research and development to address Google privacy.

Google has both good and bad implications. For instance, the company has not accomplished its privacy implication of Glass-which has a built-in camera that can sneakily take photos and videos at any time. On the other hand, Google wagered 12.5 billion to get into a mobile device market worth trillions with the Motorola Company.

To conclude, the Company’s efforts towards continual improvement and enhancement of its operations are fast growing. The freedom issued to its employees is also commendable hence capable of fetching many employees (Podmoroff, 2005). Apart from improving on the privacy implications, Google remains dominant in the world of search engines.




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