Sample Business Case Study on Retail in the States

Retail in the States
The Zip code 28801 belongs to Asheville North Carolina. This essay will provide an analysis of the external environment associated with conducting a service industry retail business in the area. The essay will also explore the available opportunities in Asheville North Carolina, and adjacent areas based on the needs that a service industry retail outlet would require. The city of Asheville is quite welcoming to potential business people through friendly and detailed guidelines on what is required for different types of businesses to be set up. Potential business people can download forms and fill them in and take them to the relevant government offices for approval and get the necessary legal documents such as licenses.
Some of the reasons that make Asheville one of the best cities to locate a business include; low crime rate, affordable/ reasonable cost of living, the likelihood of getting back a good return on investment and likelihood of positive growth in business. In 2009, Asheville, North Carolina was voted 2nd best as most likely metro city for a business to do well. It was also highly rated in terms of likelihood of positive career growth. Therefore, the individuals that live in the city have a good purchasing power which translates to higher and more sales for a business (Cavallaro, 37).
External factors
This is one of the major factors that all businesses have to consider when getting into an industry. In most of the businesses, there are already other successful and established businesses that have been in the industry for longer, and they have been able to attract and retain loyal clients. The social factor affects how people socialize, their tastes and preferences of what is on offer in the market. For the proposed business: a restaurant; there are several highly rated and high quality restaurants that will be tough to beat. The Biltmore Estate, the Market place and Tupelo Honey café are some of the well known restaurants that are considered to be the best in the city (Sluder, 188). The proposed restaurant will target middle income consumers who enjoy well cooked homemade meals and price the meals affordably without conceding on the quality of the food. The restaurant will liaise with local farmers who can offer a constant and consistent supply of fresh produce to be used at the restaurant.
Asheville is one of the best cities to initiate a business project because the government is supportive of businesses. The administration officials view new businesses as a way of increasing employment opportunities, and maintain favorable liquidity as a contribution of the city and state to the United States economy.
Economic factors
The county council of Asheville is just like other cities in the country; without any restrictions or extra costs charged on businesses that are starting out (City of Asheville 1).
Technological factors
The restaurant that will be opened will make use of recent advancements in technology such as social media pages like facebook and twitter to market itself and attract and retain as many clients as possible. The company will ensure that the sites are updated consistently since most of the target clients are in the age bracket where the individuals are active on social media and can even rate restaurants depending on quality, ambience and service offered to them. A well presented and maintained web presence can help to place the new restaurant at a better advantage in comparison to the competitors in the industry.

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