Sample Business Coursework Assignment on Module 2 Discussion 1 Determining the Best Software Development Model

The purpose of this assignment is to investigate the appropriate types of software development life cycle models to apply to specific projects.


Imagine that we are working on a different project for a software development consulting firm. Your company has been assigned to implement a major new enhancement to an existing product that is used by multiple enterprises with thousands of users world-wide. Your only access to your users will be through weekly status meetings with a few representative users who are subject matter experts. Your team of ten programmers is lead by two system architects who have been working on the core system for fifteen years.

NOTE: this is a hypothetical question; it provides an opportunity to think about methodologies.

Answer the following question(s): Should you try using agile methods or should a more formal approach with detailed written requirements be used? Why or why not?

Your responses to this discussion prompt must be no fewer than 300 words (per question). Include at least two (2) scholarly citations from scholarly literature in APA format. Your response must have a clear, well-formulated thesis; sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling count. Your response should be insightful, thoughtful, and analytical.