Sample Business Coursework on MGT230. Leadership and Organization


Within the period of my internship at the restaurant, there are a number of experiences that I went through that improved my understanding on many human resource and general management procedures. Firstly, within the hours that I was with the human resource department, the aspect of employee motivation became critical. We constantly got engaged in analyzing activities that that could influence the performance among workers and then adopting the most appropriate measures. For example, through initial carrying out employee appraisal, I learnt on the correlation that exists between remuneration plans and the overall performance of an employee. Another issue that I learnt when in the department was the effects of social grouping to the overall performance of an employee. Both informal and formal groupings are present within an organization and should be keenly be keenly monitored for the influence that they impact.

Working with the accounting department and even the sales department gave me a number of insights of actions that I should always adopt when working with different groups of persons. Payroll management was one of the activities learnt with the accounting department. When working with the sales department,was able o blend the right media to be adopted for different products with the target market segment. Attributes such as coverage and costs of the adopted media became clear to me within my period of experience with the sales department. In general my period of internship with the department was very sucessful and helped in improving a number of concepts learned.

There are many courses learnt that became very integral to me during the internship experience. One, the course on basic accounting principles greatly helped me in the adoption of basic bookkeeping principles. I was able to balance the books of the restaurant and advice on the best course in terms of expenses to be incurred. Again, the course organization theory also became of much help more so in the human resource management. Many organizational theories learnt in the course allowed me to have a better understanding on employees’ possible behaviors on certain adoptions. I was able to get involved in strategic planning for the organization on many key issues. Finally, the course, principles of marketing was very important in my experience with the sales department. Through concepts of market research learnt and the consumer decision making process, I was able to advice on the most appropriate action to be adopted with regard to improving the overall sales volume.

Regarding the HB books, they became of great help. In the books, there are many case studies of successful organizations with success factors that I constantly and keenly analyzed in influencing my actions with the organization, restaurant. In addition, many theories and management principles highlighted in the books were of major help as I was able to apply these concepts. Besides, the cases presented me with problem solving skills that I major applied in the human resource department. However, in all these raised concerns, I realized the need to give precedence to organization goals at all times.

In conlusion, the period at the restaurant was a success and improved my general management skills. In line with my learning,  have greatly improved my intellectual capacity on many critical issues. Through the concepts learnt at workplace, I can confidently get involved in managerial activities with the view of making decisions that are in the best interest of the whole organization.