Sample Business Essay on Customer Service Experience

Customer service experience
I took a Mexican friend of mine by the name of Mike to a shop of Michelin Tires around my vicinity. Upon arrival at the shop, all the attendants were willing to help. Mike’s English is conspicuously poor. Upon noticing that Mark was not good at English, the attendant summoned a multilingual colleague. The multilingual attendant offered customer service to both Mark and I. He addressed us, citing all the advantages of buying tires from them. It was interesting to notice that there was a shift of personality every time the attendant shifted from one language to another. We did not mind having to be served for a longer period because we wanted to make the right choices. The attendant was patient and did not mind having to answer questions that we had. The cultural awareness of the attendant was also impressive. I could notice that he could use non-verbal cues that are associated with both US and Mexican cultures. We both felt comfortable in his company. This experience was different from most places where customer services were offered in only the dominant language: English.
By the time we were leaving the store, I had various questions in mind. I imagined the reasoning that had informed the decision to hire a multilingual customer attendant. The speed at which the first attendant had referred to the second one was an indication that it was a common practice at the store. Given the diverse nature of my neighborhood, I was convinced that the store was using a culturally diverse workforce as a tool for serving its culturally diverse target market. It could not have been by chance that the store had a multilingual attendant.