Sample Business Essay on Description of Apple Company

Apple Company

Description of organization

Apple is an American international company with headquarter located in California. The company designs, assembles and sells electronics, software, and various online services. Apple was instituted in April 1976, to make and sell PC computers. It acquired its’ certificate of incorporation in January 1977 and was renamed Apple in the year 2007, to replicate its shifted concentration toward electronics. In November 2014, besides being the leading publicly traded business globally by market cap, it became the first American firm to be prized above US$700 billion. The company retains 453 stores in 16 states as of March 2015 and it operates iTunes Store, the biggest music seller worldwide.

Description of products

  • iPod: In 2001, the corporation launched this type of music player. Numerous updated versions have since been established, and this product is now leading in the market for portable tune players by a considerable margin
  • iPad: In 2010, Apple launched the iPad, which runs a tailored version of iOS. It offers a multi-touch connection with multimedia set-ups including, eBooks, pictures, word processing files, games, and iPhone features.
  • Apple TV: This is a set-top video mechanism projected to link the sale of substance from iTunes with high-definition TVs. The gadget connects to a user’s TV and synchronizes, either through Wi-Fi or through a wired system.
  • Software:  The Company creates its personal operating system to operate on Macs, OS X, and the most up-to-date set-up being OS X El. Apple also autonomously produces computer software labels for OS X operating system.

Reason for wanting to go abroad and to the selected country

I encourage Apple Company to be developed in Luxembourg because it is a European financial center. Also, the country has a reputation of novelty through its invention of Skype. With a Growth Domestic Product of over $57 billion in 2012, the country would be their most expensive acquisition but it is within the company’s price range. When considering the market of a nation like Luxembourg, this shows just how much funds this corporation has in the bank.