Sample Business Essay Paper on Alignment of Strategies

Alignment of Strategies

The strategic alignment process involves connecting the organization structure to its resources in order to achieve its set objectives and goals (Bradford, 2001). This process incorporates the coalition of strategies, structures, and management systems. The coalition or alignment of these aspects impacts the organization’s operations; hence, this paper outlines the importance of aligning strategies, structures, and management systems to the sustainability and motivation of employees.

Strategies can be in form of a perception or a plan. A strategic perception is the theoretical ideologies developed by the business in order to capitalize the opportunities. Strategic planning entails the course of action towards specific goals. The management systems are the outline of activities and procedures that an organization adopts to achieve its objectives. The organization has to develop a structural design that portrays the person who is responsible for delegating those activities. The combination of organizational structure, strategic planning, and management systems aid in reducing the probability of a conflict that may arise in task delegation (Bradford, 2001). Management systems identify tasks to be done, strategic plans outline the tactics for handling the tasks while the organizational structure defines who is responsible for each task.

The combination of these aspects aids in reducing conflict and ensuring that each stakeholder understands his or her role in the organization. According to Daft (2004), strategies keep on changing while structures are a bit rigid. Strategies are flexible in order to accommodate emerging trends, and this aids the company to understand the competitor (Daft, 2004). The management systems capitalize on the organization’s strengths and opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. For example, the Environmental Management System (EMS) monitors the organization’s improvement in protecting the environment. Therefore, if the firm incorporates its structure and strategic plan to protect the environment, it gains loyalty from the consumers.

















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