Sample Business Essay Paper on Career-Planning Paper

Career-Planning Paper


            After doing thorough self-examination, some qualities about me became clearer and sought to explain why I have chosen the career path of leadership management. I have always been fascinated by business having watched my father start his business from scratch after being laid off. I am not for employment, but would only consider it if there was a chance of growth in that particular firm. I harbor dreams of starting my own financial company, and this career I have chosen will assist me in the running of my business. That has been my plan all along.

Survey of goals and interests

            I did a survey of my goals and interests regarding the future of my profession and realized that it was easy to answer the questions that were in the survey questionnaire. My guess for that is I am a future oriented person, having clear goals about who I want to become and where I would want to be any time in the future. I also have back up plans to fall back onto incase my major expectations fail to work out. In the survey, I was required to describe personal attributes that I believe will translate job skills. This was a rather daunting task, but it helped to use the feedback I have received from other persons in school and in the various workplaces that I have worked in to decipher the qualities I possess.

I have what might be considered contradictory qualities. I am very assertive at work, career-planning paperwhich makes me fit to be in a leadership position. Despite being assertive, I am also patient with fellow employees, dependent on the circumstances at hand. If the situation does not call for slowing down of the work or poor performance, then I can get rather blunt. I am a contemplative person when it comes to making of decisions and planning. I usually make decision and keep alternative course of action at the back of my when I am convinced of the steps to take. When I start implementing plans, there is no stopping me, and have been accused of being an unyielding person during such moments by colleagues at work and classmates as well.

Furthermore, questions on the personal survey about my expectations at the workplace and the educational qualifications required to get my desired job helped me to recognize my achievements so far and reflect on the hurdles I am yet to cover. For example, I know of the formal responsibilities that I am likely toget once I get a managerial leadership position. What am not yet aware of are the finer details and tasks that will entail my job description. I have to get more advanced in terms of education in order to become the professional I desire to be.

Interviewing a potential mentor

            After doing the self-survey I identified the general manager of a local bank as the potential mentor that I wanted to interview. The interview was done in his office and I had five questions that I wanted to ask him regarding the profession that he was in. he answered my questions well, and the conversation continued for three more hours as he elaborated on other informal matters that were of interest to us.

The following is a list of the questions as asked Mr. Robert, my potential mentor.

What drove you into choosing this profession?

I was always amazed as a little kid by the persons who were said to work in the bank. My family was not well off, and I had been told bymy friends that people keep their money in the banks.The many things that I wished to have but could not have because of lack of money could be gotten if only I got working for a bank. That was the major reason why I wanted to work here, but the reasons transformed as I grew up. I became very interested in finance and economics, and this led to my getting employed in the banking sector.

Did you have your sights on a leadership position in the banking sector as you started your career?

To be honest, I did not have such desires when I started out as a junior employee. The compensation I got from the job made me fulfill my needs, and that was enough for me. The possibility of a career growth was instilled in me by one of the veteran employees here. He encouraged me to further my studies, as that would boost my chances of getting a promotion. With those words he made me start a journey that has taken me where I am now, professionally.

What qualities have you found essential in your role as a manager and a leader in your position?

Being in aleadership position is a tough calling, especially in the financial sector. I have to balance the interests of the stakeholders with those of the clients and the employees. All of the three groups are essential for the survival and good performance of the organization. I have learnt to be patient and firm at the same time. Being a person of integrity and having refined problem solving skills is a must. As a leader, one might be tempted to do all the activities due to fearing that the junior employees might not do a good job. One has to learn to trust others and delegate duties in order to avoid a burnout.

What are the academic requirements for your position?

The minimum academic requirement for this job is a postgraduate degree in a recognized university.

What is the range of salary given to persons in your position of work?

Having excluded the bonuses and allowances given to a person in my managerial level, the annual salary lies between $75,000 and $150,000. The amount varies depending on the organization policies.

What advice would you give to young person’s aspiring to follow your line of work?

I would advise them to concentrate in their studies first and ensure that they get the minimum entry requirements. They should be willing to start out as junior employees and realize that often times; promotion is based on their performance at work.


The interview I had with Mr. Robert made me realize that I had deviated in thinking that my assertiveness would assist me in carrying out leadership duties. I was however, happy to realize that I am significantly ambitious and that I had quite substantial information regarding the requirements for a managerial position. I also was relieved to know that according to my potential mentor, I was on the right path of pursuing education. I will need to work on my personality traits to insure that I become a more agreeable person and have the skills to view situations from multiple perspectives. I will also need to work on my flexibility in order to become an excellent leader.